Baseball: My First Love

Isn’t it great that baseball is returning for the 2018 campaign? Spring Training is in high gear for Major League Baseball. New faces are getting used to new teams, and fans are flocking over to get a better view at their ball clubs. Granted, there are still a few free agents on the market. However, … Continue reading Baseball: My First Love


Open Letter: The MLB Free Agency Dilemma

Dear baseball fans, What’s your favorite moment of this baseball offseason? Was it when the Houston Astros traded to get Pittsburgh Pirates starting pitcher Gerrit Cole? How about when the New York Yankees brought a National League MVP to play for them in the form of Giancarlo Stanton? Maybe it was when pitcher and outfielder … Continue reading Open Letter: The MLB Free Agency Dilemma

My Girlfriend Asks: Difference Between American League and National League?

The times are truly changing. I open to you through insight into my personal life. I have a girlfriend! As funny as that sounds, it’s actually the truth. She’s amazing and knows how to keep me in check watching games. She’s very much into baseball and a fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks. However, she doesn’t … Continue reading My Girlfriend Asks: Difference Between American League and National League?


Major League Baseball: Statcast’s Broken Judgment

It was inevitable that Major League Baseball’s Statcast machine would be broken. How apropos that the majors’ Home Run leader did it. Friday night’s game featured a memorable moment from a battle between the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners. At least, it was noteworthy on the Yankees’ side. CC Sabathia got his ninth … Continue reading Major League Baseball: Statcast’s Broken Judgment


MLB All-Star Game: Home Run Derby Showdown

Prepare for the most exciting time in July after the fireworks go off! It’s the Home Run Derby! The tournament takes place July 10th on ESPN at 8 p.m. EST. It features All-Stars going to war against each other. Four from the American League and National League go at it to see which will hit … Continue reading MLB All-Star Game: Home Run Derby Showdown


World Baseball Classic: Reflections

Who knew that we would have exciting baseball in March! The wonders of the World Baseball Classic were on display, and the United States benefitted the most in more than jus the obvious. It was one of the most intriguing tournaments in WBC history. The U.S., Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic had an All-Star … Continue reading World Baseball Classic: Reflections


MLB: Spring Training & Spring Fever

Baseball is back, and it couldn’t have returned soon enough. For this writer, there’s nothing quite like watching a game played on a mix of dirt and grass. Football has the gridiron. Basketball has the court. But baseball, however, has the diamond. That’s never been brought any closer than watching a spring training game. The … Continue reading MLB: Spring Training & Spring Fever