MLB All-Star Game: Home Run Derby Showdown

Prepare for the most exciting time in July after the fireworks go off! It’s the Home Run Derby! The tournament takes place July 10th on ESPN at 8 p.m. EST. It features All-Stars going to war against each other. Four from the American League and National League go at it to see which will hit … Continue reading MLB All-Star Game: Home Run Derby Showdown

Open Letter: Basketball Jersey Treatment

Dear basketball fans, Being upset that one of your favorite players is one thing. Setting his jersey on fire is another. We’ve seen this kind of treatment before. The latest victim is Gordon Hayward, who announced on The Players’ Tribune that he’s signing with the Boston Celtics. The deal is for four years worth $128 … Continue reading Open Letter: Basketball Jersey Treatment

WWE: Dropping the Brass Ring

Sometimes you have an idea that sounds great in your head, but it doesn’t translate well when you present it. That is the case of WWE’s latest mishap. No, it’s not about the Women’s Money in the Bank match. That featured Carmella winning with James Ellsworth climbing up the ladder to retrieve the briefcase. They’ll … Continue reading WWE: Dropping the Brass Ring

30 for 30: Celtics/Lakers Story Expose Today’s NBA

What if I told you that one documentary could spotlight what was missing from today’s NBA landscape? We are nearly one week removed from the completion of the NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors avenged last year’s loss against the Cleveland Cavaliers by taking this year’s matchup four games to one. Kevin Durant became the … Continue reading 30 for 30: Celtics/Lakers Story Expose Today’s NBA

Cody Rhodes: Redefining a Dream

June 23 can become a date for the record books in professional wrestling. Cody Rhodes will take on Christopher Daniels for the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship at Best in the World Pay-Per-View. It will be Rhodes’ first one-on-one shot for the prestigious ROH world title. It’s been a revisionist road for Rhodes, and … Continue reading Cody Rhodes: Redefining a Dream

Jackie Robinson: Legacy Redefined

Jackie Robinson will always be remembered as the man who broke the color barrier in all of sports. He was the first African-American athlete who played baseball in the Major Leagues. Robinson also turned out to be an amazing baseball player. However, did you know he played football in college? In 1939, Robinson was on … Continue reading Jackie Robinson: Legacy Redefined

NBA Finals: Return of the MVPs

We all knew it would be inevitable. We just couldn’t predict the postseason runs both teams are on. June 1st features the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors meeting for the third time in a row in the NBA Finals. No other matchup has done that. The Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons split … Continue reading NBA Finals: Return of the MVPs