Major League Baseball: Statcast’s Broken Judgment

It was inevitable that Major League Baseball’s Statcast machine would be broken. How apropos that the majors’ Home Run leader did it. Friday night’s game featured a memorable moment from a battle between the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners. At least, it was noteworthy on the Yankees’ side. CC Sabathia got his ninth … Continue reading Major League Baseball: Statcast’s Broken Judgment

MLB All-Star Game: Home Run Derby Showdown

Prepare for the most exciting time in July after the fireworks go off! It’s the Home Run Derby! The tournament takes place July 10th on ESPN at 8 p.m. EST. It features All-Stars going to war against each other. Four from the American League and National League go at it to see which will hit … Continue reading MLB All-Star Game: Home Run Derby Showdown

Jackie Robinson: Legacy Redefined

Jackie Robinson will always be remembered as the man who broke the color barrier in all of sports. He was the first African-American athlete who played baseball in the Major Leagues. Robinson also turned out to be an amazing baseball player. However, did you know he played football in college? In 1939, Robinson was on … Continue reading Jackie Robinson: Legacy Redefined

Aaron Judge: the new Face of the New York Yankees?

It’s Derek Jeter Week for the New York Yankees. His number will join the esteemed list of Yankee players at Monument Park on May 14. The Yankees will face the Houston Astros on that date in Yankee Stadium. It’s eerily similar of how the Yankees are now as opposed to Jeter at his best. The … Continue reading Aaron Judge: the new Face of the New York Yankees?

Baseball: Shame on Boston

It’s 2017. It’s been seventy years since Jackie Robinson conquered the color line and became the first non-white athlete to compete in Major League Baseball. However, it’s a shock when racism and baseball go hand in hand these days. Monday, May 1, 2017 featured the Baltimore Orioles opening a three-game set at Boston against the … Continue reading Baseball: Shame on Boston

New York Baseball: The Youth Movement

What is happening in New York City? The first few weeks of Major League Baseball have proven to be very intriguing. The Chicago Cubs began their campaign for another World Series run. The Boston Red Sox are working out their star-studded rotation. And many teams are adjusting to new faces in new places. Ironically enough, … Continue reading New York Baseball: The Youth Movement

World Baseball Classic: Reflections

Who knew that we would have exciting baseball in March! The wonders of the World Baseball Classic were on display, and the United States benefitted the most in more than jus the obvious. It was one of the most intriguing tournaments in WBC history. The U.S., Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic had an All-Star … Continue reading World Baseball Classic: Reflections