UFC 214: Redemption vs. Legitimacy

The fate of the UFC is at stake with UFC 214’s main event. Photo Credit: Andreas Arcabic, Flickr.com

History will be made on July 29, 2017 at UFC 214. Whether that’s redemption or legitimacy is the issue.

UFC 214’s main event will feature the rematch between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. The Light-Heavyweight title bout will reverse the roles from their previous matchup, as Cormier is now the champion and Jones the challenger.

The UFC Light-Heavyweight is merely a prize on the line. The fight will feature two ultimate outcomes for each fighter. If Jones wins, it would be about being redeemed. If Cormier wins, it would solidify his legacy.

UFC 214 is entitled “Jones/Cormier 2”. It might as well be renamed “UFC 214: Redemption v. Legitimacy”.

Jon Jones will compete in his first match back since January 3, 2015. Ironically enough, he fought Cormier the first time and won via unanimous decision. It wound up being his last fight due to problems outside the Octagon.

The UFC stripped Jones of his light-heavyweight title in April of 2015 after his involvement in a hit-and-run in Albuquerque, NM. This was after his run-ins with the law in 2011 and 2012.

Jones was listed to fight Cormier plenty of times. The latest was supposed to be at UFC 200, but he was suspended due to failing a drug test.

Jones searches for redemption with this bout. He’s trying to win back the title he never lost and show the world that he’s learned from his mistakes.

Speaking of the title he never lost, Daniel Cormier searches for his own ultimatum.

He must avenge the loss he suffered against Jones two years ago. That continues to plague him throughout his current title run.

Granted, he’s pushed back threats to his light-heavyweight title. This includes finishing Anthony Johnson on two occasions and barely holding back Alexander Gustafsson.

Yet, Cormier knows deep down that he must beat Jones. Their first encounter featured Jones controlling the fight and picking Cormier apart. It only heightened the bad blood before they met in their inaugural confrontation.

In other words, both men know there’s more at stake than the UFC Light-Heavyweight Championship of the world. They’re fighting for their reputations. It’s about maturity for Jones and honor for Cormier.

Only one will achieve this come July 29. Two years in the making will feature a culmination of a feud like no other. It’s Jon Jones challenging Daniel Cormier for the most prestigious prize in UFC today.

Hopefully, one of them will find more than just victory inside the Octagon.

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