Major League Baseball: Statcast’s Broken Judgment

It was inevitable that Major League Baseball’s Statcast machine would be broken. How apropos that the majors’ Home Run leader did it.

Friday night’s game featured a memorable moment from a battle between the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners. At least, it was noteworthy on the Yankees’ side.

CC Sabathia got his ninth win of the season on his 37th birthday. The Yankees’ bullpen held down the fort, defeating the Marines 5-1. How the Yankees got there is what made it unforgettable.

The Yankees’ latest star, Aaron Judge, was up with men on first and third in the top of the 5th. Andrew Moore was on the mound for Seattle with the task of keeping Judge at bay.

Needless to say, it didn’t work.

Judge got a hold off of a breaking ball and made Moore pay for it tenfold! Judge sent it out to left field, and the Yankees never looked back from their lead.

This was unquestionably the hardest home run of Judge’s young career so far. He barely hit it out of the stadium, merely two rows off.

That erupted the crowd in a hurry. Even his teammates are still talking about it!

The remarkable thing is Judge broke MLB’s Statcast technology. Statcast measures the distance and velocity a home run is hit. It also can measure how far a fielder goes to make a diving grab.

Apparently, Judge made technology obsolete once again. Yes, you read that right. Again.

This comes after his mammoth performance at the Home Run Derby. Before he took the championship, he hit two shots that hit the roof of the Marlins Stadium. It defied science, according to the experts at NASA.

This shows Judge is more than just a baseball player. He clearly made leaps and bounds from his progression leading up to now. Judge still continues to shock us with his power.

Frankly, his humility is even more impressive.

Judge doesn’t brag about his moonshots or any of his playing abilities. He takes it all in stride, making him a more valuable asset in the long run for the franchise.

Yet, he breaks standards set by science like it’s nothing. Friday’s homer saw an awoken giant put his gavel on display. This isn’t science at work; it’s mythical power manifested into reality.

Aaron Judge breaks science because it’s something scientists couldn’t fathom. That’s a scary thought. The most brilliant minds that analyze baseball with statics couldn’t think of a player who defies those odds with a swing of the bat.

This is a fable that Yankees players and fans hope continue through Judge’s career. If not, at least they have this year to talk about.

One thing’s for sure. Those fans in Seattle have quite the tall tale to share with the world.

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Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright @ 2007


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