WWE: Dropping the Brass Ring

For once, Roman Reigns isn’t a part of controversy as of late in the WWE. Photo Credit: Megan Elice Meadows, Flickr.com

Sometimes you have an idea that sounds great in your head, but it doesn’t translate well when you present it. That is the case of WWE’s latest mishap.

No, it’s not about the Women’s Money in the Bank match. That featured Carmella winning with James Ellsworth climbing up the ladder to retrieve the briefcase. They’ll be a rematch on June 27 featuring Carmella, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Natalya and Tamina.

The rematch will draw fans in to see if Carmella can legitimately win or if the other competitors will take the price. It doesn’t cheapen their first encounter; it only enhances the demand for more women wrestlers to take part in these types of matches.

Could it be that Roman Reigns will challenge the WWE Universal Champion at SummerSlam? Actually, we’re getting warmer.

Despite the fans split on Reigns, he’s a legitimate challenger for the title. He’s been away from the title picture in a while and would create a smash-mouth matchup depending who wins at WWE: Great Balls of Fire.

And there’s our missed opportunity. It’s all about the name.

WWE will host Great Balls of Fire for the Monday Night Raw brand. The main event will feature Brock Lesnar defending his WWE Universal Title against Samoa Joe. It’s sure to be an epic encounter for the ages. Unfortunately, the name won’t exactly attempt to legitimize the wrestling business.

Take a look at the main commercial for the event. What do you see?

It’s geared as a B-movie instead of a main event fight. Then again, we will have “The Destroyer” in Samoa Joe taking on “The Beast” in Brock Lesnar.

The main event isn’t the problem. It’s just the name. It doesn’t live up to what it’s trying to accomplish.

Granted, people will still watch it because of the main event and subsequent cards. The name just won’t hold up well in the history books.

What should it have been called instead? Let’s put it this way. If SmackDown Live and have Money in the Bank, then Monday Night Raw should have had King of the Ring.

Bringing King of the Ring back makes more sense. It gives the entire roster purpose instead of floundering around in new feuds thrown together. It also builds superstars. After all, we might not have had a certain household name if it hadn’t been for the tournament.

Here’s what could’ve been for Monday Night Raw. Have a tournament that features certain amount of WWE Superstars vying to become the king. Put a title shot in there that’s good up to a year to sweeten the pot.

This would make things better by making everyone happy. Lesnar and Joe still have their fight while Reigns can still challenge the winner of that match at SummerSlam. Plus, that King of the Ring winner can be in play similar to the Money in the Bank contract holder.

Instead, we get a main event between two very skilled warriors promoted like a monster matinée. Here’s hoping SummerSlam will right the ship in terms of booking and proper pay-per-view names.

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2 thoughts on “WWE: Dropping the Brass Ring

  1. My problem with the Lesnar/Joe Match is that it is essentially a pointless Match because even if Joe were to win the Match, he won’t win the Championship as the WWE is looking to eventually get to Braun vs Lesnar for the Championship [iirc]. So, Joe/Lesnar, which would be an epic match regardless, will have no actual meaning because no matter how hard Joe fights, Lesnar will leave GBoF still the Universal Champion.

    • Thanks for the comment, Christopher. You make a valid point at a possible and likely outcome. However, there is a way for Joe to still come out strong and not become another victim of Suplex City. Keep in mind that plans can change. Just because a plan is in place doesn’t mean it will be the same in two weeks time. Don’t give up hope yet.

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