Cody Rhodes: Redefining a Dream

It’s been a long road to get to this point in Cody Rhodes’ career. Photo Credit: Miguel Discart,

June 23 can become a date for the record books in professional wrestling.

Cody Rhodes will take on Christopher Daniels for the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship at Best in the World Pay-Per-View. It will be Rhodes’ first one-on-one shot for the prestigious ROH world title.

It’s been a revisionist road for Rhodes, and it’s been quite the journey to get to this point in his career.

Rhodes is best known for his stint in WWE. He’s played different facets during his run, whether being a part of Randy Orton’s “Legacy” or spinning off into a dashing persona.

Rhodes managed to be a great and underrated asset to WWE. He’s been Intercontinental and tag team champion on various occasions. His last stint in WWE featured carrying on his half-brother Goldust’s legacy as “Stardust”. The character went off very well, but Rhodes wanted to start anew.

WWE released him in 2016, and Cody Rhodes the wrestler was back in the game.

He first started making appearances in Pro Wrestling Guerilla, What Culture Pro Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling. It wasn’t until he joined ROH and New Japan Pro Wrestling that his wrestling career skyrocketed.

Rhodes reinvented himself once again by joining The Bullet Club. He dubbed himself as “The American Nightmare,” a spinoff of the late Dusty Rhodes’ “American Dream” moniker.

It got him this far, and it can take him further than ever.

He can match his late father in stature and even surpass him. It won’t be because of the title reigns. It’s what he continues to do with his legacy.

Rhodes has turned his wrestling story on its head. Frankly, he’s redefined the Rhodes family name. His father represented the American Dream, being the son of a plumber rising up against hard times. Rhodes himself represents the nightmare, acting selfish and bringing class to The Bullet Club, which is still going strong after having two leader changes. Kenny Omega is the third leader of the werstling stable, taking over after AJ Styles who took over after Prince Devittt’s departure (Finn Balor).

If Rhodes wins, he’ll join his father as a world champion. It’s the epitome of what his father achieved and what he wishes to possess.

The funny thing is that Rhodes ahs a shot for no one, but two world titles. At NJPW’s U.S. G1 Special for NJPW, Rhodes will challenge Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. He’ll have the home-field advantage come July 4th weekend (July 1-July 2).

Just imagine this scenario. Rhodes could hold both world titles at the same time.after July 4th. Becoming ROH world champion is difficult to begin with. Taking the IWGP Heavyweight Title is nearly impossible. Just ask Bullet Club leader Kenny Omega, who couldn’t succeed in taking the title from Okada on two separate occasions.

Regardless, the stakes and opportunities couldn’t be higher for Cody Rhodes. It starts June 23 with a new title around his waist, over his shoulder. It can end on that July 4th weekend with more than just one.

That’s a legacy that any wrestler can be proud of. More importantly, that would be The American Nightmare in Cody Rhodes redefining a dream.

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