Wrestling Re-Booking: The Rock’s 2000 Title Reign

This was the end of WWE’s King of the Ring in 2000, where The Rock became WWE Champion for a fifth time. Photo Credit: Nick Noid, Flickr.com
Hello everyone! Welcome to Wrestling Re-Booking! This is where I rewrite the script on a few wrestling storylines and put my own spin on them, because it’s fun to wonder what if.
The Rock’s in the headlines these days. He’s busy promoting his movies, with “Baywatch” coming out on May 26. He’s also had to address a few presidential tales that may or may not happen. No matter what happens, wrestling fans will always remember him for what he’s done in the ring.
It’s hard to believe that we’re 17 years from The Rock’s dominance in World Wrestling Entertainment. The Rock became a household name with his catchphrases and larger-than-life presence before he went on to conquer Hollywood.
It wasn’t always perfect for The Great One. Specifically, he had quite a blemish in the year 2000.
The year 2000 featured The Rock winning the Royal Rumble, gaining his spot at WrestleMania. That led to a loss and Rock challenging Triple H at Backlash. With the odds stacked against him, The Rock became the WWE Champion for the fourth time.
He went on to face Triple H in an Ironman rematch at Judgment Day, with Triple H getting the title back thanks to The Undertaker.
Rock wasn’t done, as he teamed up with Undertaker and Kane to defeat Triple H, Vince and Shane McMahon in a six-man tag at King of the Ring. The Rock became champion for a fifth time.
He then went on to defend the title until No Mercy, where he lost to Kurt Angle. What doesn’t sit well is the back-and-forth with Triple H. They shouldn’t have traded the titles; it made no sense and put Triple H’s short reign as a paper champion. It also made the title seem weak and have no credibility whatsoever.
Luckily, we’re here to fix that.
For starters, keep The Rock’s victory at Backlash. The Rock won that bout with the help of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Linda McMahon and referee Earl Hebner. It was classic Attitude Era; leave it at that.
Plus, keep the Ironman match at Judgment Day. It’s the second ironman match ever, and it’s four years removed from the first-ever one featuring Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Michaels would be the special guest referee in the bout, and it would be wise to keep him there as that.
Keep the same score at five and have Undertaker arrive in the last few minutes. He’s cleaning house, taking out everyone he can find. I do mean everyone.
He gives a Tombstone Piledriver to Triple H, only this time Michaels doesn’t see it. What he sees instead is Undertaker giving a Tombstone Piledriver to The Rock. This causes Triple H to be disqualified and The Rock winning 6-5 instead of Triple H.
This allows The Rock to not beat Triple H two times in a row, saving face to the heel challenger. This also doesn’t quell Rock’s momentum as champion. It also creates an unpredictable element with Undertaker’s return.
The next night on Raw features Rock and Undertaker with Triple H at ringside at the main event. After a few minutes of back-and-forth action, Kane returns. He attacks both men, and then he attacks Triple H. Kane stands tall with the title in his hands, which leaves Vince McMahon with an idea.
He books a six-man tag at King of the Ring with the same lineup but with a twist. If Triple H’s team wins, Triple H gets the title back. If Rock’s team wins, the person who scores the pinfall gets the title.
Now, the deck is stacked against The Rock. He’s going into King of the Ring not knowing who to trust. The same goes for his partners, who clearly want the WWE title all for themselves.
At King of the Ring, the main event is as chaotic as you’d think. Keep a few spots in, including Shane McMahon being chokeslammed through a table by The Undertaker!
Triple H ambushes Undertaker with a steel chair and sets him down. He also lays The Rock out with a shot, and Kane attacks Triple H to the back. This leaves Vince alone with The Rock.
We’re keeping the ending, with Rock giving the Rockbottom to Vince after Vince tried to give The People’s Elbow on the defending champion. Rock retains, and the title reign continues.
We give Rock an extended title reign as well as saving face to our challengers. No one else gets hurt by avoiding the loss, and credibility isn’t lost on the WWE title.
It may not be the perfect setup, but it still brings that chaotic element while establishing legitimacy to the coveted main title. Plus, The Rock keeps his momentum as champion, which should’ve been the case all along.

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