WCPW: The Significance of WhatCulture Pro Wrestling

WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (WCPW) is the little engine that is thriving, and the world has taken notice.

The wrestling league seemingly came out of nowhere. They’ve survived under the radar from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). WCPW isn’t the No. 2 league or even at No. 3. Those spots belong to New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and Ring of Honor, (ROH) respectively.

The irony is that WCPW is in a great spot like NJPW and ROH. Like those two companies, they can share wrestlers on their shows.

Members of the infamous Bullet Club appeared on all three companies. Bullet Club member Cody Rhodes became a staple by holding the WCPW Internet title for over six months. The Young Bucks and Adam Cole also appeared to great fanfare.

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Ricochet and Will Ospreay also have wrestled for the company. Ospreay even challenged Drew Galloway for the WCPW world title in a valiant but failed effort in March.

That’s not all who WCPW has brought in from other leagues. They’ve used IMPACT Wrestling’s Alberto El Patron and a few members from Lucha Underground. Among those members include Rey Fenix, Drago and Penta el Zero M. Add Zach Sabre Jr. to the list of independent wrestlers who’ve battled in WCPW’s ring. Even famous luchadores Juventud Guerrera and Rey Mysterio recently wrestled in separate matches.

It also featured Kurt Angle’s last run on the independent wrestling circuit. Among those he’s fought were Rhodes and Joe Hendry, both great matches worth checking out.

WCPW also has its own crop of stars as well. Hendry is their current world champion, as he defeated Martin Kirby to hold the strap.

Both have become mainstays for WCPW and don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. That won’t happen unless WWE starts calling for them.

WWE recently signed Drew Galloway to a contract, who wrestled for the promotion as Drew McIntyre. Galloway was the WCPW champion before losing it to Martin Kirby a few weeks ago.

It shows that WWE is paying attention to their former talent and looking at what goes on in WCPW. Granted, Galloway’s work extended beyond WCPW. But many other performers in that league do as well.

Speaking of WCPW, what makes them popular is that they’re self-aware. They know what type of promotion they are and aren’t afraid to rewrite history in sarcastic fashion.

In fact, they’re the inspiration for the Wrestling Re-Booking series that appears on the blog.

Nevertheless, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling is worth your time. It features great wrestling and dream match you might not see anywhere else, including NJPW and ROH. WWE may not be able to book these types of matches, but WCPW has the liberty and permission to shape their wrestling landscape as they see fit.

WCPW isn’t slowing down at all, and more businesses in the professional wrestling business is always a great thing.

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Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright @ 2007


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