World Baseball Classic: Reflections

Dodger Stadium became the proving ground for the United States during the World Baseball Classic. Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett,

Who knew that we would have exciting baseball in March!

The wonders of the World Baseball Classic were on display, and the United States benefitted the most in more than jus the obvious.

It was one of the most intriguing tournaments in WBC history. The U.S., Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic had an All-Star roster from top to bottom. We’ve never seen complete teams vying for a prize in a long time.

It was also a year where Israel emerged as an underdog, while Cuba fell to the wayside in the tournament. Japan remained constant in their quest albeit failed to win again. Venezuela and Italy proved to be formidable and scrappy, respectively. The Netherlands surprised many and made it to the semifinals.

It wasn’t always a great story for many, though.

Venezuela catcher and Kansas City Royal All-Star Salvador Perez suffered an elbow and knee injury during a collision against Italy. He rested and is now back on the field.back on the field.

His teammate Francisco Rodriguez was hurt on the same play. He should also be back on the field very soon.

The same cannot be said for Didi Gregorius. The Netherlands infielder and New York Yankees shortstop suffered a shoulder strain and is shut down for at least the first month of the season.

It wasn’t always about injuries. Puerto Rico’s catcher Yadier Molina criticized security for not containing a fight that broke out into the stands. Mexico’s Adrian Gonzalez also ripped the WBC for a controversial rule.

As the tourney wasn’t all diamonds and sunny skies, it proves there’s still much to be done.

Baseball must be able to appease and satisfy all teams participating in the WBC. If they can’t do that effectively, then there will be problems down the road.

There were many positives to go with the WBC. Puerto Rico became a fun team to watch, backing up their showmanship with great plays.

The United States surely deserved their championship victory. They avenged their losses and proved why they were a true force of nature.

Regardless of the negative and positive outcomes, there’s one thing we can all agree with. The World Baseball Classic served as a primer for the regular season.

Opening Day is just a few days away. Gone are the times of sitting at lawns under the sun. They’ll be replaced with the bleachers on the outfield side with fans eager to catch a home run from their home team.

Those that are injured will return eventually. It only means new faces will emerge and have their time in the sun.

Until then, let’s remember the fun times in March that the World Baseball Classic provided. Let’s also never forget what can happen to make the event even better than his past one.

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Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright @ 2007


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