Wrestling Re-Booking: WWE’s Second Half of 2001 (Part 2)

Would Chris Jericho’s WWE career have benefitted if 2001 went a different way? Photo Credit: Anton Jackson, Flickr.com

Welcome back to Wrestling Re-Booking, where I take some popular storylines and put my own spin on them, because it’s always fun to wonder what if.

We continue with rewriting 2001 but first, here’s a quick recap of Part 1.

Austin is still the champion, Kurt Angle is vying for the title along with The Rock and The Undertaker is still feuding with Diamond Dallas Page.

Page and Booker T defeated Undertaker and Kane at SummerSlam. That win will put them in contention for the tag team titles, which are in possession of The Dudley Boyz.

The Brothers of Destruction disagree, and that sets up a triple threat tag bout between the three teams.

The main event picture gets murkier. Angle wants Stone Cold Steve Austin’s WWE title, as does The Rock. Meanwhile, Chris Jericho wants revenge for what Shane McMahon did to him. This is where we’ll start seeing the heel turn from Jericho. But don’t completely turn him yet.

Edge is also after the title and declares his title shot against Austin. At this point Edge has not won the Intercontinental title yet. Vince McMahon agrees, which shapes up the main card nicely.

Unforgiven is the next pay-per-view on our slate. In a No. 1 contenders match, Kurt Angle defeats The Rock. The Dudleyz retain their tag titles. Chris Jericho defeats Shane McMahon in a No Holds Barred bout. Our main event features Austin defeating Edge with Christian’s betrayal.

The ensuing Raw sees Christian win the Intercontinental title while Austin and Angle begin their payoff feud. As far as Jericho and The Rock are concerned, they’re put in a tag team to face off against The Dudley Boyz.

No Mercy is our next bout. The Undertaker finally gets his revenge against DDP, while Booker T picks up the win over Kane. The Dudleyz retain because Jericho walks out on The Rock. We still tease that slow burn coming off nicely. Edge defeats Christian for the Intercontinental title, and yes, it’s a ladder match.

Our main event finally sees Kurt Angle winning the WWE title over Stone Cold Steve Austin clean! No shenanigans take place.

The following night sees the feud intensify between The Rock and Jericho. Jericho believes he’s better at everything The Rock does. He even starts imitating and mocking him, which causes his feud with The Rock to become personal.

Meanwhile, Austin becomes allies with DDP and Booker T. All three are after Angle’s title, and that also includes the Brothers of Destruction. This causes a pretty crowded affair, which Vince decides to capitalize on.

He creates a Survivor Series match between Angle, Rock, Kane and Undertaker to take on Austin, DDP, Booker T and Jericho. The last team standing will hold possession of the WWE title on their side. If Angle’s team wins with multiple members on his team surviving, the title remains with Angle. Plus, those members will get title shots down the line.

We head to Survivor Series’ main event. It finishes with Angle losing the title back to Stone Cold Steve Austin thanks to Booker T’s interference.

Fast forward to Raw, where Shane McMahon returns. He puts his WCW authority in action. Shane forces Booker T to defend the title against the man who eliminated him that night: The Undertaker. Thanks to inadvertent interference by The Rock, Booker T retains. This causes Undertaker to turn heel on Rock (Man, Rock can’t catch a break).

Our main card alternates for WWE Vengeance. Vince and Shane reluctantly agree to let both titles up for grabs at December. It’s a Fatal-4-Way Elimination bout between Austin, Booker T, Jericho and Angle.

The Rock and Undertaker square off in a Last Man Standing match, which Rock ends up winning.

In our main event, Angle is eliminated first by Booker T. Austin eliminates Booker next, which leaves him alone with Jericho. Austin traps Jericho in his own submission when, suddenly, Ric Flair’s music appears. Austin looks at the Titantron and lets Jericho go. Flair appears and hits Austin with a chair. Jericho crawls over for the three-count, making him the undisputed champion.

The year finishes with Flair and Austin feuding, Angle and Booker chasing Jericho and a heel Undertaker making Rock’s life hell. This will also set in motion the events to come for the Royal Rumble that following year.

That’s how I would book 2001. It’s not the best year ever. Yet, it’s simpler than a convoluted mess of the WWE vs. the Alliance.

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Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright @ 2007

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