Wrestling Re-Booking: Kurt Angle as WWE Champion in 2001

Even Kurt Angle had a few off years in his career. Photo Credit: Darren, Flickr.com

Welcome back to Wrestling Re-Booking, where I take some popular storylines and put my own spin on them, because it’s always fun to wonder what if.

Today, we look at the much-aligned Alliance storyline in 2001. The WWE (then-WWF before the change) took on ECW and WCW led by Stephanie and Shane McMahon, respectively. Among the new introductions of stars began a mean streak for future WWE Hall-of-Famer Kurt Angle.

During that summer, he ended up winning the WCW title from Booker T and competing for the WWF title against Stone Cold Steve Austin. He ended up winning the title at Unforgiven but dropped the title within two weeks back to Austin. Angle went on changing from the WWE to the Alliance and betrayed the Alliance at Survivor Series.

Despite the quick turn, Angle was one of the bright spots in this story. But his short reigns weren’t perfect. Therefore, let’s turn back the clock and put our booking caps on for 2001.

For starters, we keep everything leading up to Unforgiven. During that span, Angle lost at Invasion thanks to Austin and fought Austin at SummerSlam. That sensational bout resulted in a disqualification victory. It culminated at Unforgiven, with Angle making Austin tap out with the Angle Lock. But Austin tapped with his right hand under the ropes.

We’re changing the finish. Angle overcomes Austin by beating him with two Angle Slams to become the new WWF Champion.

Keep Angle’s title reign roughly the same but flip the script of Austin’s rematch at Raw. Instead of Austin retaining thanks to William Regal, have Rob Van Dam interfere in Austin’s behalf. Van Dam screws up by inadvertently hitting Austin. This allows Angle to get the victory.

This also sets up their No Mercy Triple Threat Match perfectly instead of being thrown together. You can also hold off Vince McMahon’s appearance since they don’t need him around. The dissension is teased between Austin and Van Dam, as both men try to get the title off of Angle and back to the Alliance. Angle retains by capitalizing again, pinning Van Dam after he receives a Stone Cold Stunner.

That same event featured The Rock losing the WCW title to Chris Jericho. Dissension set up again on both sides for Survivor Series.

Angle betrayed the WWF in the original storyline. We’re flipping the script and having Chris Jericho turn instead. It makes sense to have both champions on opposing sides.

This means we have Angle and Jericho swap sides with the main teams intact for Survivor Series. We’re actually keeping that finish, with Angle and Rock colliding into each other. Austin stuns Angle for the pinfall. Both men are down, and Jericho turns on the Alliance as the mole, allowing Rock to win for Team WWF.

The next night features a celebration from everyone, until Angle attacks Jericho because of jealousy. He wanted to be the one to win it all for Team WWF and get in McMahon’s good graces. We still reveal that Ric Flair has shares in WWF and have The Rock come out instead of Austin. The reason why Austin is not back in WWF yet is because he doesn’t have the WWF title anymore.

This brings us to Flair’s ultimatum: one company, one champion. He books Angle and Jericho for WWF Vengeance in the same tournament format. The Rock challenges Jericho for the WCW title, flipping the script.

Flair requests Angle to meet him in the center of the ring. He formally announces his opponent: the same man who pinned him at Survivor Series, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Glass shatters, and Austin returns to beat up Angle like only he can. Instead of the underdogs chasing the established stars, it’s the headliners attempting to regain their gold.

It does play out the same though. Austin ends Angle’s reign and becomes champion for the sixth time. Jericho successfully defends against The Rock under dubious circumstances. Austin and Jericho meet, only for Jericho to win thanks to the help of not Booker T but of Kurt Angle.

Angle nails Austin with the title and hits him with an Angle Slam. Jericho crawls over for the three-count. Angle’s reign as champion is over.

We gave Angle a legitimate reign as champion while leading the charge as a great fighter but became unstable in the end. And don’t about Austin holding the title for less than a day. His stature can afford taking the hit. This also keeps Jericho relevant and The Rock in the title picture, adding more wrinkles while strengthening everyone involved.

At the very least, it would have salvaged the horrendous Alliance storyline.

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