NFL 2016 Week 15 Picks

Will Ryan Tannehill suit up for the Miami Dolphins’ showdown with the New York Jets? Photo Credit: June Rivera,

Hello football fans! Welcome to Week 15 of the NFL season!

It’s been quite the tumultuous season for the National Football League. The standings may have stayed the same, but the stories are getting more dramatic by the minute.

The Oakland Raiders’ and the Detroit Lions’ quarterback situations are on shaky ground due to very important fingers. Derek Carr of the Raiders and Matthew Stafford will have to wear throwing gloves for the remainder of the season. Both the Lions (First in the NFC North) and the Raiders (First AFC Wild Card Spot) are in the playoff hunt.

Speaking of quarterbacks, Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill suffered a left knee sprain during their victory over the Arizona Cardinals. The Dolphins signed T.J. Yates just in case Tannehill isn’t ready to suit up this Saturday against the New York Jets. Miami is also in the hunt for a playoff spot.

In more injury news, Adrian Peterson might return next week. The Vikings running back was cleared to practice after being placed on the injured reserve list. They’re going to need him against Green Bay in Week 16, as both teams are still in the hunt.

In more NFC news, the Dallas Cowboys’ 11-game winning streak ended by the one team that gave them their first loss: the New York Giants. New York managed to contain Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott for a 10-7 home victory.

Can the Giants continue their home stand against Detroit? Will Dallas rebound at home against Tampa Bay? These are two of the games to keep in mind for Week 15

It’s now time for the picks! I went 10-6 for Week 14, bringing my total to 127-81 for this year. In the event of a tied game, ties count as losses when you make picks. It’s simple: if your team doesn’t win, you still get the big L. Here’s a recap of what I got right and wrong:

 Thu Dec 8 8:25 pm  Oakland Raiders  Kansas City Chiefs X
 Sun Dec 11 1:00 pm  Arizona Cardinals  Miami Dolphins
1:00 pm  Chicago Bears  Detroit Lions (s.o.)
1:00 pm  Cincinnati Bengals  Cleveland Browns
1:00 pm  Denver Broncos  Tennessee Titans X
1:00 pm  Houston Texans  Indianapolis Colts X
1:00 pm  Minnesota Vikings  Jacksonville Jaguars
1:00 pm  New Orleans Saints  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1:00 pm  Pittsburgh Steelers  Buffalo Bills
1:00 pm  San Diego Chargers  Carolina Panthers X
1:00 pm  Washington Redskins  Philadelphia Eagles X
4:05 pm  New York Jets  San Francisco 49ers
4:25 pm  Atlanta Falcons  Los Angeles Rams
4:25 pm  Seattle Seahawks  Green Bay Packers X
8:30 pm  Dallas Cowboys  New York Giants
 Mon Dec 12 8:30 pm  Baltimore Ravens  New England Patriots

Here are my picks for this week. Remember, the s.o. stands for the shutout pick:

 Thu Dec 15 8:25 pm  Los Angeles Rams  Seattle Seahawks (s.o.)
 Sat Dec 17 8:25 pm  Miami Dolphins  New York Jets
 Sun Dec 18 1:00 pm  Cleveland Browns  Buffalo Bills
1:00 pm  Detroit Lions  New York Giants
1:00 pm  Green Bay Packers  Chicago Bears
1:00 pm  Indianapolis Colts  Minnesota Vikings
1:00 pm  Jacksonville Jaguars  Houston Texans
1:00 pm  Philadelphia Eagles  Baltimore Ravens
1:00 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Dallas Cowboys
1:00 pm  Tennessee Titans  Kansas City Chiefs
4:05 pm  New Orleans Saints  Arizona Cardinals
4:05 pm  San Francisco 49ers  Atlanta Falcons
4:25 pm  New England Patriots  Denver Broncos
4:25 pm  Oakland Raiders  San Diego Chargers
8:30 pm  Pittsburgh Steelers  Cincinnati Bengals
 Mon Dec 19 8:30 pm  Carolina Panthers  Washington Redskins

Keep in mind all times and games are subject to change. Good luck to all teams and those who are also making picks as well.

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Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright @ 2007

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