WWE RAW: Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho is a Partnership for the Ages

Who would’ve guessed we’d still be talking about Chris Jericho at this time? Photo Credit: Miguel Discart, Flickr.com

You never know what you get when you put two people in a room together for the first time.

That initial encounter can be described as something horrible or something beautiful. The latter happened between WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho.

Let’s analyze both WWE wrestlers by themselves. Owens is a gifted athlete who can move for his size. He can also manipulate the crowd in any way he sees fit.

The same can be said for Chris Jericho, who is a seasoned vet achieving a renaissance in his career. It’s the simple things that made Jericho a heel, including a scarf and a clipboard.

Both heels work with less and therefore, that’s why it brings more to the table. What no one could have predicted was the partnership that would become of it.

The duo began trading barbs with each other. Owens would call Jericho out on lies, causing Y2J to stumble with his words. It became comedic gold, which led to their team-up at SummerSlam.

Owens decided to team with Jericho in Y2J’s feud with Colin Cassidy and Enzo Amore. It was a successful debut, with Jericho pinning Amore at SummerSlam.

After Owens won the WWE Universal Title weeks later, Jericho congratulated him with open arms. He even wound up helping Owens retain against Seth Rollins at Clash of Champions the following month.

The irony is that what once was a comedic pairing is now an alliance dictating the top of WWE Raw. Owens friendship with Jericho places him in a more formidable spot. Keep in mind both men were strong enough as singles wrestlers. Who knows how long their partnership will last.

Regardless, both men benefit from this union. The crowd seems to enjoy it, too. Owens and Jericho keep the crowd entertained with their witty banter while as bad guys.

It’s not an easy feat to do, especially when both use simplistic methods. Kevin Owens’s partnership with Chris Jericho is exactly what the WWE needed. Don’ expect it to slow down anytime soon.

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