New York Yankees: The Curious Case of Gary Sanchez

The New York Yankees knew Gary Sanchez would factor into their future plans. But even they could not have fathomed the impact he’s had so far. Photo Credit: Arturo Pardavila III,

Gary Sanchez is creating quite the name for himself since he received the call to the big leagues.

The rookie catcher from the New York Yankees set a home run record. He hit 11 out of the ballpark in his first 23 games. No one in MLB history has ever done that.

Sanchez is batting .400 and has 21 RBIs to go along with his 11 homers. For the record, he’s also 23.

It’s not just the stats that are amazing from Sanchez. It’s his presence behind the plate.

He’s caught stealing six out of nine base runners in his 14 games at catcher. Teammate and fellow catcher Brian McCann compared his work behind the plate to Ivan Rodriguez, who was a World Series champion and dominant machine on both sides of the field.

That’s not all the attention he’s been getting. The baseball world has taken notice, as many other than his teammates are praising the young catcher.

Perhaps the most intriguing was from MLB analyst and Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez.

Martinez compared Sanchez’s approach and stride to the likes of the Angels’ Albert Pujols and the Tigers’ Victor Martinez, two of the best hitters in baseball today.

It was a compelling argument and frightening to fathom. Sanchez’s timing is exceptional. His range on the field is great, too. There’s not really an area that can be considered his favorite.

What’s the secret to Gary Sanchez’s rise in the Yankee lineup? He’s already hit as high as the coveted No. 3 spot.

It’s not just what’s in his zone. It’s the timing he instills while at bat.

Sanchez can capitalize on a pitcher’s mistake no matter the type of pitch. He’s made hurlers pay off fastballs, curveballs, splitters and more. Sanchez loves it when he can drive a pitch wherever he wants.

This brings us to the tale of caution. Pitchers will eventually find out how to get around Sanchez. No one is infallible on the diamond.

Keep in mind Sanchez is fairly new to the major leagues. It’s only a matter of time before the big aces can shut down Sanchez.

After all, good pitching stops good hitting.

Regardless of what the future holds, Gary Sanchez has made his mark. He’s shown the Yankees why he was worth the wait.

Gary Sanchez is a key component of the Yankees’ future. For his sake and for the team’s, it’s up to Gary Sanchez to keep up his explosive run in pinstripes.

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