WWE SummerSlam 2016: The Importance of the WWE Universal Championship

Seth Rollins can’t afford to relax when he takes on Finn Balor at SummerSlam for the WWE Universal Championship. Photo Credit: Miguel Discart, Flickr.com

World Wrestling Entertainment will make history for the fans as well as the company on WWE SummerSlam.

August 21st will see the birth of the WWE Universal Championship, the flagship title for Monday Night Raw. Former WWE world champion Seth Rollins will take on former NXT champion Finn Balor in this championship bout.

The match is significant for quite a few reasons, and it’s more than just the combatants involved.

Rollins and Balor will lock up for the first time in a WWE ring on the main event. These two have storied histories before their eventual WWE debuts.

Rollins became the go-to guy at Ring of Honor as Tyler Black. He became their world champion and waged wars with many famous wrestling names. These names went on to join WWE, including Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) and KENTA (Hideo Itami).

Balor was a rock star in New Japan Pro Wrestling as Fergal Devitt. He won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title and battled some of the best wrestling names in the world, including Kota Ibushi and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Their similarities don’t stop there. Rollins helped form The Shield around the same time Balor began The Bullet Club at NJPW.

In other words, it’s ROH vs. NJPW at a WWE ring. It’s the self-proclaimed architect of The Shield vs. the creator of The Bullet Club. Seth Rollins and Finn Balor is a dream matchup we’ll finally get at SummerSlam. Needless to say, the WWE Universe can’t wait.

Speaking of the tagline, this WWE Universal Title is for the fans.

The WWE Universe consists of the diehard fans that tune in every week and/or attend their live events. Now, the WWE has a title that can represent them. Only they have the ability to make this a reality, considering any other sports franchises’ fans (Yankees Universe, Red Sox Nation, etc.) don’t have that luxury.

It harkens back to the 1990s, when World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling and their respective TV titles. Each one had significant importance.

WCW’s TV title had many legends hold that title, including Booker T. While many great wrestlers held ECW’s TV championship, it was Rob Van Dam who would hold that title for 700 days.

This brings us to the WWE Universal Title. It can be prestigious for not only Monday Night Raw but for the company itself. In other words, it can rival the significance of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The WWE has two well-respected veterans in the business vying for that title in Balor and Rollins. Regardless who emerges victorious that night, it’s clear the WWE Universe will have a champion they can be proud of.

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