MLB Trade Deadline: Christmas in July

Who would’ve guessed that Aroldis Chapman would be dealt back to the NL Central against the Cincinnati Reds for the Chicago Cubs? Photo Credit: Keith Allison,

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for baseball contenders.

The trade deadline for Major League Baseball is August 1st, but we’ve seen a few big deals already commence.

The San Francisco Giants most recently dealt lefthander prospect Adalberto Mejia to Minnesota for infielder Eduardo Nunez, who’s batting close to.300 this year.

Toronto also made a key move, as the Blue Jays acquired Melvin Upton, Jr. from the San Diego Padres for pitching prospect Hansel Rodriguez. The Jays’ rival Boston Red Sox got starting pitcher Drew Pomeranz from San Diego as well.

Yet, the most intriguing name in the deadline is the New York Yankees.

They were interested in selling and succeeded with Aroldis Chapman. The closer now calls the Chicago Cubs his home, and he netted a plethora of talent including former Yankee pitcher Adam Warren and top prospect Gleyber Torres.

However, it appears the Yankees are not done. Rumors swirl that Ivan Nova, Carlos Beltran and Andrew Miller might not be in pinstripes much longer. It also seems Chris Sale of the Chicago White Sox could be heading to The Bronx as well.

Remember, every team has a need. The Texas Rangers need a starting pitcher that can catapult them to the top. The New York Mets need a third baseman and outfielder for power. The Cleveland Indians need a productive catcher to propel them to World Series contention.

What about the sellers? The Colorado Rockies could be dealing Carlos Gonzales and Nolan Arrenado before Monday, among others. Jay Bruce of the Cincinnati Reds could be calling another place home. The White Sox could also be saying goodbye to closer David Robertson as well.

Regardless, the trade deadline can make any team a destructive force down the line. But it’s rare that these moves work past the deal.

In 2008, the Milwaukee Brewers acquired CC Sabathia from the Indians to shake up the rotation. He carried the Brewers on his back but fell short of his goal. He went on to win the next year as a New York Yankee.

In 1998, Randy Johnson was dealt to the Houston Astros from the Seattle Mariners. The marriage didn’t last long, and Johnson went on to win as an Arizona Diamondback three years later.

Is everything worth the trouble to bring a World Series ring to the franchise? The price might be too high, but if you’re in it for October, then it’s surely worth the wait.

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