NBA All-Star Game 2017: The Exodus From Charlotte

michael jordan, golf, charlotte hornets
Michael Jordan was among those not happy but understood the NBA’s decision to move the All-Star weekend out of Charlotte. Photo Credit: simplistic.designs,

National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver had a dilemma when planning for next year’s NBA All-Star game. We found out the only decision he could have possibly made.

Silver stated that the NBA would no longer have their all-star game next year in Charlotte. The latest rumor from Yahoo Sports claims Silver is focusing on having it in New Orleans.

The reason why goes beyond sports. It’s politics that factored into the NBA’s decision. North Carolina passed a controversial bill that dictates transgender people to use public restrooms related to the gender listed on their birth date.

Needless to say, the NBA’s choice was made before they even were questioned.

No one is happy about this decision. The NBA expressed regret in their statement regarding leaving Charlotte.

Charlotte Hornets Chairman Michael Jordan conveyed the same emotion in his statement of the NBA’s decision.

It wasn’t well received by North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory. He criticized the NBA and stated how they “misinterpreted” the bill’s mandates and actions.

Perhaps he should tell that to Duke Coach and current USA Basketball Team’s Mike Krzyzewski, who publicly stated the law is “embarrassing”.

Krzyzewski also is dealing with problems at Duke because of the law. Duke was supposed to play Albany in the upcoming college basketball season. Albany cancelled because of the North Carolina LGBT law.

This resonates more than just sports. It’s a political response in a law that’s unfair and downright pointless.

Whether a person decides to have a change in gender is on that person. It is not up to us to command where a person should go regarding public facilities.

Can you imagine how impossible it would be for anyone to go to sporting events with this bill in place? Keep in mind this isn’t just basketball.

Just picture the difficulty when the Carolina Panthers play their home games later this autumn. That’s not including the fallout the Hornets will unfortunately have to deal with.

The NBA’s decision also significantly affects Charlotte’s economy. HBO’s Bill Simmons stated on Twitter how Charlotte loses out on the All-Star game thanks to building a new stadium that won’t receive any payoff.

The NBA changed because of the bill. Charlotte loses the festivities because of the game.

Most of all, the fans in Charlotte are the worst losers of all. All they wanted was to experience the All-Star Experience courtesy of the NBA.

Here’s hoping they get that promise in 2019.

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