College Football National Championship Game: Trip of a Lifetime

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.36.20 PM
This was the scene after Alabama defeated Clemson 45-40! Photo taken by me

*The following are my own personal thoughts not reflecting anyone else’s. Consider this a journal entry. Now, enjoy.

What a difference a day makes!

I entered Monday, January 11, 2016 like any other day. I went to work doing what I love doing: writing.

The slightly warmer day helped in making the hectic workday easier. At 2:30 p.m. MST, I got a text from my cousin, saying she has an extra ticket to the National Championship. She asked me if I was interested.

Needless to say, I jumped the first chance I got.

This required me to drive from Scottsdale to Glendale. This requires roughly 30 minutes of driving without traffic. All bets are off with traffic, which is just as crowded as a Manhattan street.

I took the local way, knowing it’d take me an hour to get there. It took me about 70 minutes, but I finally made it to the University of Phoenix Stadium. I met my cousin and her friend in the midst of the first quarter. I was ready to watch Alabama take on Clemson.

Little did I know what we were about to experience as fans!

This was one of the best games I’ve ever seen live! Both teams battled back and forth, with Alabama winning their 16th National Title.

Clemson and Alabama fought in a shootout, but Alabama won thanks to ingenuity and a power running performance from running back Derrick Henry. Clemson fought valiantly, but it wasn’t enough despite Deshaun Watson torching the Alabama defense.

We were exhausted just watching this, and we’re not alum of either side. Very excited fans of both sides surrounded us. Across the way was a sea of crimson red representing the Roll Tide. My side was filled with orange representing the Tigers.

Sides didn’t matter, at least for me. History unfolded before my very eyes.

In closing, the game was the best football game I’ve seen live. This was a great surprise, and I cannot thank my cousin enough. It truly was one of the best events I’ve been to, and I can now say I went to a National Championship game.

Perhaps I went to one of the best of all time. Regardless, it’s something I will remember for the rest of my life. Even if you’re not a fan of college football, national Championship games are worth every penny.

In other words, take advantage if you have the opportunity to go.

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Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright @ 2007

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