USA Women’s World Cup Team: The Hope Solo Saga

hope solo, team usa
Team USA’s goalkeeper Hope Solo got bad news at the wrong time. Photo Credit: Nicole Miller,

Hope Solo was once the face of US Women’s soccer. The goalie was a force to be reckoned with during 2011’s World Cup.

Unfortunately for her, she allegedly fell victim to her worst enemy: herself.

ESPN obtained details of her June 21, 2014 arrest. Solo was arrested for two counts of domestic violence. According to two Kirkland, WA officers, she was drunk and uncooperative with the authorities.

ESPN staff writer Mark Fainaru-Wada documented the following from that fateful night:

“Solo, perhaps the best women’s soccer goalie in the world, had repeatedly hurled insults at the officers processing her arrest, suggesting that two jailers were having sex and calling another officer a ‘14-year-old boy.’ When asked to remove a necklace, an apparently drunk Solo told the officer that the piece of jewelry was worth more than he made in a year.”

The reports were released as of June 7, 2015. It could not have come at a worse time for Solo.

The goalkeeper will be playing for Team USA during the Women’s World Cup. Solo will start due to Alyssa Naeher and Ashlyn Harris not having World Cup experience. You’d think she would be a distraction. But according to her teammates and coaches, that’s not the case.

Head coach Jill Ellis stated that Solo’s been “fantastic.” She added how they’ve moved on since the incident happened.

Technically, she’s right. Judge Michael Lambo dismissed the charges on procedural grounds. However, prosecutors filed an appeal to the Superior Court of Washington. They’re scheduled to file their case by July 13, with the defense expected to respond Aug. 10. Presentations are scheduled for hearing on Sept. 11.

The case isn’t the issue at the moment. But the saga is, which isn’t what Team USA needs.

Think of this from a different perspective. The NFL battled credibility issues thanks to their growing list of domestic violence cases. Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald are just three names who will forever be associated with domestic violence. They weren’t allowed to play until their cases were settled.

There was an outcry to suspend them and perhaps even ban them from playing football.

As stated, domestic violence is still an ongoing problem. So, where’s the outrage from the fans?

Did everyone forget what happened in order to root for patriotism? Or perhaps there’s a double standard to make this reach new, uglier heights?

Maybe we should take it easier on Solo. She probably issued an apology for her actions, right?

Actually she didn’t. She claimed she was a victim and allegedly beaten by her then 17-year-old nephew.

“I was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of my 17-year-old nephew, who is 6’9”, 280 pounds, Solo told Good Morning America. She added, “I was struck over the head, and concussed pretty severely. It was a very scary night.”

Teresa Obert, Solo’s half-sister, couldn’t believe what she heard. She stated Solo lied and that her relationship with her is now dead.

And herein lies the problem. We once again don’t know the facts. Then again, we as a society didn’t know the truth before we cast judgment on those cases.

Out of those four names mentioned in this article, Rice was the only one who publicly apologized. We’re still waiting on the other three, and perhaps we won’t hear them at all.

Regardless, Solo is a distraction. Her case opens up new questions that frankly should be discussed. Unfortunately, expect chanting of a different tune instead of, “I Believe That We Can Win.”

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One thought on “USA Women’s World Cup Team: The Hope Solo Saga

  1. I hope you get an out pouring of responses. I agree with you. The double stand standard is quite clear. Let’s face it. In our society woman are not capable of violence…whereas men, especially in football, are perceived to be violent, forceful bruts. Well done kid!

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