Mind The Gap: The Week Before the NBA Finals

kyrie irving, lebron james, cleveland cavaliers
LeBron James will still have to manage the load due to Kyrie Irving’s injuries. Photo Credit: Erik Drost, Flickr.com

The NBA Finals are set for Thursday, June 4. The Cleveland Cavaliers will take on the Golden State Warriors for NBA supremacy.

This should be a great battle, as both teams are deep in their rosters. Both teams have a great supporting cast for their MVP players.

LeBron James leads the charge for the Cavs, and Stephen Curry leads the wave for the Warriors. They proved to everyone that their teams deserve to be here.

Golden State tamed the Western Conference. They held back the threats of the New Orleans Pelicans, Memphis Grizzlies and Houston Rockets.

Cleveland survived their encounters with the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls. They also steamrolled through the Atlanta Hawks clinching the Eastern Conference.

Yet, the running controversy doesn’t come from fouls, injuries or even post-game interviews. It emanates from their break.

Cleveland finished sweeping Atlanta on May 26, while Golden State closed out Houston in a five-game set the next day. They have eight days to prepare for this series.

The question is a simple one. Why wait so long to finish the 2014-15 NBA campaign?

Put this in perspective with the NHL, whose playoffs nearly run concurrent with the NBA. Their conference finals finished over the weekend with the Tampa Bay Lightning and Chicago Blackhawks. They begin the Stanley Cup Finals June 3.

There’s a key difference between the two other than their sports and mentality. It’s the way they operate. The NHL, like many other team sports, is created under the belief of the team and not the player.

The NBA is the exact opposite. They market their superstars first and the team second, which caused this problem in the first place.

It’s a ratings gamble for the NBA. They want to generate interest and delay the inevitable clash instead of starting it quickly.

It’s a clever ploy when you think about it. Both teams have injuries from notable stars. Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving is dealing with left knee and right foot problems. He cannot explode to the paint like he used to but with time allotted, he could return to a slither of his former self come Finals time.

A more pressing matter is Warriors small forward Klay Thompson. The second half of the Splash Brothers tandem allegedly suffered a concussion at Game 5 against the Rockets. If the Finals started immediately, Thompson would be ruled out for the entire Finals. Thanks to the break, Thompson hasn’t been ruled out yet.

See where the parallels lie? Irving and Thompson technically should not be playing. However, the break gives fans false hope.

They won’t be the same even if they are cleared to play. It’s unfair to them, but that’s the unfortunate nature of the business. The NBA wants all their stars in, no matter what the cost. That’s their business model, and thanks to the gap, the NBA can breathe easy.

Frankly, it’s a model they should reconsider after the NBA Finals ends.

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