UFC 184 Aftermath: What’s Next?

Wednesday March 4, 2015

Ronda Rousey is setting records not just for women’s sports but also for mixed martial arts.

The current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion successfully defended her title against Cat Zingano at UFC 184. February 28 brought both competitors in the octagon, where the mixed martial arts world would be left stunned.

Zingano charged at Rousey, which proved to be Zingano’s downfall. Rousey ended up gaining dominant ground over the challenger and making her tap to a modified armbar.

The bout lasted 14 seconds. That’s all it took for Rousey to retain her title.

The astounding sequence shocked the world! Nearly every MMA fan was on their feet, jaws dropped in awe. Even Zingano was stunned, despite being submitted.

The post-fight press conference brought even more surprises. Rousey told the press she believes Zingano deserves a rematch.

It’s an honorable suggestion that should be met with both pros and cons.
The negative side is that some fans could see Zingano not worthy of another shot. She did lose in 14 seconds (the standard fan would assume). However, let’s focus on the positive.

Rousey took higher ground. She extended the offer because she knows that Zingano wants another shot. Frankly, Zingano deserves it.

Their encounter was advertised as a match that should have happened two years ago. Both were undefeated at the time. Both fighters brought a level of respect and competitive rivalry that their division sorely needs.

It’s also about honor that serves reason why Rousey offered the rematch to Zingano. Could you imagine how humiliating it is to lose that quickly after preparing for a special moment? Embarrassment is an understatement.

Rousey decided not to go that route, a change in character from her verbal lashing with rival Miesha Tate. It makes her human, which is what the UFC needs.

Nearly every other champion either doesn’t embrace the media or suffers personal troubles. Rousey not only welcomes the spotlight, but she excels in it.

She turned a quick loss into a possible round 2. For any true MMA fan, that’s not a bad thing. That is an excellent thing.

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Sebastian Maldonado

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