Chicago Bulls Vs. Phoenix Suns: My NBA Experience

us airways center, chicago bulls, phoenix suns
My view of Friday’s game between the Chicago Bulls and the Phoenix Suns

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Super Bowl Week featured many events. But, the best one for me happened on Friday night.

The Phoenix Suns hosted the Chicago Bulls in the U.S. Airways Center for an NBA showdown. The game was televised on local outlets and on ESPN. People were still lining up when I went to get my ticket.

For the affordable price of $43 dollars, I got my seat in the nosebleeds. The small venue provided everyone with a great view of the house. We got to see everything.

The game featured their timeout activities including a fun Super Bowl prediction and a priceless crowd reaction.

The Suns’ mascot sat on a roller chair attached with rubber bands to tow extras. Denver Broncos LB Von Miller held the chair as the two men ran to slingshot the Suns’ gorilla. He would then hit pins determining the Super Bowl score (number of pins multiplied by three). Surprisingly, he came close with and had Patriots 21-17.

The crowd also booed him when he revealed both his Seahawks and Patriots jerseys. But I digress; let’s discuss the game.

Both teams played well in my opinion. The Bulls and Suns were off as both committed careless turnovers. The Suns, however, would overcome them and win 99-93. Isaiah Thomas scored the leading layup that would bring the Suns their victory. It also forced the Bulls to suffer their second straight loss.

Look at that ticket. Better yet, look at the price!
Look at that ticket. Better yet, look at the price!

This game marked the first basketball game for me in almost ten years. It also marked 17 years since the last time I saw the Bulls play. This was also the first time I saw the Suns play.

The scene reminded me of 1993, when both teams fought in the NBA Finals. The split crowd featured a plethora of Bulls and Suns jerseys. Despite the obvious schism, they were very respectful. It truly felt like the old days, a good game from start to finish and a respectful crowd to match that. I yearned for those days as a kid, sitting with my aunt watching the Bulls take on the Knicks and Nets. I remembered those days when I went games with my cousins to see LeBron James before he went to Miami.

I also remember the time Shaquille O’Neal broke the entire backboard in the Meadowlands. My sister and I couldn’t stop talking about it; Dad, however, was not amused.

This game didn’t have that moment, but it didn’t need to. The quick game more than entertained me at the arena.

As far as the next time I’ll go, that remains to be seen. But it’s more than likely I’ll visit the U.S. Airways Center for another Suns game.

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Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

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2 thoughts on “Chicago Bulls Vs. Phoenix Suns: My NBA Experience

  1. I definitely remember those Bulls games vs. the Knicks and the Nets. I was also there when Shaq shattered the backboard. Looking forward to seeing some games in PHX with you.

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