NFL: What’s Next After “Deflategate”?

roger goodell
Poor Roger Goodell. All he wanted was to start the year off right. Photo Credit: Marianne O’Leary, Wikimedia Commons

January 25, 2015

The National Football League really got off the right foot for 2015.

They successfully rebounded from the various scandals that plagued them, such as domestic violence and the Adrian Peterson case. They can now move on and focus on the Super Bowl, where the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks will vie for the Lombardi Trophy.

That was Roger Goodell’s dream, which won’t happen anytime soon.

The NFL postseason was marred with questionable calls. Detroit vs. Dallas saw an obvious pass interference call changed on the spot. The following week saw Dez Bryant make a catch that was overturned thanks to the “Calvin Johnson rule.”

Last week resulted in our Super Bowl matchup. The Seahawks and Patriots will travel to Glendale and go for another Super Bowl win.

But we’re not talking about that. Instead, we’re discussing a perfectly appropriate topic: Balls!

The AFC Championship game between the Patriots and Indianapolis Colts resulted in a conspiracy. A report leaked that 11 of 12 footballs were underinflated. The regulation for the weight of the football is between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds, according to Playing Rule 2 of the NFL. Apparently, it makes a big difference.

Everyone picked up the story like it’s a new fad. ESPN, CNN and FOX News among others have criticized the Patriots and essentially called them guilty. Even Tom Brady was thrown under the bus.

The shocking thing isn’t the accusations; it’s who is being accused. Let’s not forget this is the same franchise that was responsible for “SpyGate.” However, there could be a silver lining.

That year featured the Patriots losing to the New York Giants, ending the season on a high note for the NFL. Unfortunately, this year does not feature a battle of the favorite versus the underdog.

The Seahawks want to win back-to-back titles, and they have the chance to do so in Arizona. Does anyone really think Cardinals fans (who showed up this year thanks to a great year for them) will root for them? They’re division rivals! That’s almost saying Jets fans will cheer for New England to win.

Regardless, this Super Bowl was once again supposed to be the best of the best vying for the Lombardi Trophy. Instead, we’ll be discussing tainted balls no matter who wins this one. In the meantime, you must wonder what else will happen to the NFL this year. Here’s hoping they can rebound from this public relations nightmare.

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