LeBron James: The Decision Part 2 (A New Hope?)

July 9, 2014

lebron james, miami heat
LeBron James is on his own island, and we don’t know where he’ll land next. Photo Credit: stab at sleep, Flickr.com

Ladies and gentlemen, now playing for the _________________, LeBron James!

No one can excite a crowd more than LeBron James in today’s NBA landscape. Whether you love or hate him, he’s the player in the most demand.

It’s not a surprise why the current free agency season is abuzz, as James opted out of his six-year deal with the Miami Heat. Rumors swirled he’s had enough of Miami and wants to take his talents out of South Beach. That doesn’t make sense; this is a team with James that made it to the NBA Finals and won two out of four times. However, the performances and statistics don’t lie.

James led the team in points during the playoffs, averaging 27.4 points per game. He also led the Heat in assists (4.8) and total rebounds (7.1) per game. No one else on that team compares to those numbers.

It’s not a landslide but still devastating, as Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh held up their end to servicing James. But it wasn’t enough. The San Antonio Spurs demolished the big three and humbled them in a five-game set.

This led to all three men opting out of their deals to get restructured contracts. The one problem lies with James, who rightfully should be searching for his max-deal. This led to numerous teams meeting with James’ agent, Rich Paul. Among those teams is a familiar face to LeBron James: the Cleveland Cavaliers.

lebron james, cleveland cavaliers
Photo Credit: Keith Allison, Flickr.com


The franchise that drafted James in hopes of leading a new era is after him again. They already locked up Kyrie Irving to a five-year, $90 million deal. Dion Waiters, the impressive swingman for the Cavs, will also return. They also have a young lineup of talent. And Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is attempting to mend fences. He took down his open letter/tirade of James after he went to Miami.

Speaking of Miami, they’re not out of it yet. James will meet with Heat President Pat Riley in Las Vegas to discuss future plans. Better yet, they’ll see if they share the same vision.

A lot hangs in the balance. If James goes back to Miami, Bosh and Wade will follow no matter what the terms are. The big three reunite and all is well in South Beach. However, James could walk away and decide to take himself elsewhere. If that’s the case, then there’s only one option that makes sense for numerous reasons.

The following is my open letter to Mr. James, one he most likely won’t see. Yet, this comes from an unbiased NBA fan that realizes there’s a way to make James’ legacy even better than ever. I feel it’s the perfect time to address LeBron James in an attempt to make the fans understand the right choice.

Hello Mr. James,

I understand your time is extremely busy this offseason. But I urge you to understand where we’ve gone from here.

You single-handedly carried the Cleveland Cavaliers to an NBA Finals appearance in 2007 only to be swept by the Spurs. Now after two titles with the Heat and having help, the Spurs defeated you once again in five. So now, you’re 1-2 against a franchise that apparently has your number. Yet, that’s not the case.

The issue is you, Mr. James. You are the one that stated in that Heat pep rally four years ago: “not one, not two, not three, not four, not five.”

That’s right, not five but only two. It’s still impressive, as you brought the Heat to four straight NBA Finals appearances. However, you failed to live up to your promise. You only brought two more titles to Riley and Wade’s careers.

But we both know there’s a promise you can still live up to, if you’re fearless to do so. Didn’t you want to bring a championship to Cleveland? Wasn’t that one of the first things you said when you were drafted by them? Was that all fluff or an unfulfilled promise?

Granted, Cleveland doesn’t have the tools to win now. Irving and Waiters need all the help they can get. Neither man is ready to be the star.

And yet, there you are, dangling like a gold bar in front of pirates looking for treasure.

That’s the point of all this; you need to go home. Bring Cleveland a new hope and give them what you allegedly promised: an NBA Championship.

Pat Riley was right in his season-ending press conference: “You don’t find the first door and run out of it if you have an opportunity.” But we all know you ran as far away as you could from Akron, Ohio.

Make the right choice, Mr. James. That decision is loud and clear: bring it home.

Well, that’s it for today. Remember to check out the Facebook page for the Update. Don’t forget to like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and keep on reading. Until then, see you next time sports fans.

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

*Stats are from Basketball-Reference.com

Copyright @ 2007


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