NBA Point Guard: Evolution’s Price

March 26, 2014

derrick rose, chicago bulls
Unfortunately, Derrick Rose hasn’t done much this season. Photo Credit: soaring bird,

Welcome to a new era for the point guard. These guards can score as well as pass the ball to their teammates. It’s too bad two All-Stars who fit the mold are suffering from nagging injuries.

The Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose and Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook are both on the injured list again thanks to recurring knee problems. Rose only played ten games for this season after returning from tearing his left ACL. Rose hurt his right knee, and an MRI revealed he tore his meniscus. Rose will probably return for next season, but it’s doubtful he will ever be the same again.

Westbrook suffered the same injury last season. He returned February 21st but only to suffer a scare against the Toronto Raptors last week. Westbrook banged his right knee against guard Kyle Lowry and held it, similar to his meniscus tear. Doctors cleared Westbrook, as he’s back on the court.

However, this doesn’t mean the cause for concern stops.

Westbrook has been the luckier of the two, but those knees will be an issue for the rest of his career. The same goes for Rose, who might not come back the same player.

The point guard position has seen more of an all-around game instead of assists and steals. Rose and Westbrook represent the good and bad of that new style of point guard. Both players’ explosiveness brings excitement to the NBA fans. Yet, the risk seems to be greater than the reward.

Not all players who suffered injuries retired immediately. Michael Jordan underwent many ankle problems early in his career. And he became arguably the greatest basketball player of all time.

There’s still hope for both players. It’s grimmer for Rose because of the injuries to both knees. But these two can come back strong and make a lasting impact. If so, put these concerns and past trauma to rest. This hopefully will be the last time we discuss Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook on the injury list.

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