Derek Jeter: The Captain’s Last Stand

February 13, 2014

“Now batting for the Yankees, Shortstop, No. 2, Derek Jeter, No. 2,” Bob Sheppard.

derek jeter, new york yankees
Derek Jeter will retire as one of the true Yankee greats after 2014, no matter what. Photo Credit, kowarski,

This season will mark the last time Yankee Stadium will hear Bob Sheppard announce Derek Jeter to home plate. Jeter announced February 12 via Facebook that the 2014 season will be his last.

Jeter, 39, is the last of the Yankees’ “Core Four” to leave the storied franchise, with Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte all retired. The Yankees Captain will leave behind the franchise he once dreamed of playing for. He’s also the last remnant of a very important era not just for the Yankees, but also for baseball itself.

Never mind the plays for the Yankees alone. Who could forget Jeter coming down to extend Shane Spencer’s throw to Posada to tag Jeremy Giambi out? Who could forget Jeter’s dive in the stands, cut up from his collision only to play the next night?

How could anyone not remember Jeter’s backhand plays,his jump-throws to get the base runner out at first? Some fans even call that maneuver, “The Jeter.”

Baseball is a more prestigious story for Jeter. He leads the Yankees all-time in hits with 3316 hits, second to Honus Wagner’s 3340. This 1996 Rookie of the Year went on to win five world championships, including a 2000 World Series MVP.

It’s not the stats that will just make him memorable. It’s his face and name.

You produce, your name is remembered forever: a simple unwritten rule in sports. Because of Jeter’s heroics and accomplishments, the major leagues will remember Jeter for quite some time. Our generation will tell stories of this Yankee captain and all he’s done in the game of baseball.

He’s not the best player of all time, but he doesn’t need to be. All Derek Jeter wanted was to become the best he could be. Ironically, he might go down as arguably the best Yankees player in history.

All that remains is whether the Yankees can give Jeter one more title. They were unable to last year. They were plagued with injuries for Rivera’s retirement season. The disappointment must run deep for them, and it must be especially integral for them to win this year.

derek jeter, new york yankees
Goodbye, captain. Photo Credit: Keith Allison

Derek Jeter wants to go out with a bang. Either way, the captain will lead his team one more time before setting sail. Here’s hoping the journey is as memorable as ever.

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