2014 NFL Championship Games

January 16, 2014

pete carroll, seattle seahawks
Will Pete Carroll lead his Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl? Photo Credit: Mike Morris, Flickr.com

Welcome to the NFL Championship games. This Sunday, we will find out who will vie for the Lombardi Trophy at MetLife Stadium.

First, let’s reflect on what happened last week.

Last Saturday saw the Seahawks almost blew a victory, all thanks to Marques Colston. The Saints WR threw a lateral after receiving a pass, which sealed the Saints’ fate in an anticlimactic ending. The Patriots dominated their game against the Colts. It was the running game and not Tom Brady that proved deadly for Indianapolis.

Last Sunday, the 49ers pulled away in a heated rematch with the Carolina Panthers. They’ll face Seattle in the NFC Championship game. The Broncos almost let the Chargers surge back, but they held on to their dominant lead. They’ll host New England for the AFC Championship game.

I went 4-0 last week, making 6-2 in my picks for the playoffs. Here are my picks for this NFL Championship weekend.

NFC Championship Game Prediction

49ers over Seahawks: this rubber match will take place in Seattle, where the Seahawks only dropped one loss this season at home. However, this is a different 49ers team from their first encounter. San Francisco will survive the dreaded 12th man and explosive Seattle offense to advance to the Super Bowl.

AFC Championship Game Prediction

Broncos over Patriots: the Patriots haven’t been kind to Peyton Manning, as evident from their comeback victory over the Broncos in Week 12. Lightning won’t strike again for New England, as the Broncos will advance to MetLife Stadium.

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