2013 NFL Week 14 Picks

December 4, 2013

lambeau field, green bay packers, aaron rodgers
The Green Bay Packers might sneak into the playoffs, if Aaron Rodgers comes back to face Atlanta this week. Photo Credit: Ken Lund, Flickr.com

Hello, sports fans! Welcome to Week 14 of the NFL season. We enter an intriguing week with

The Panthers kept on streaking; the Broncos regained control of the NFC West and the Seahawks stomped on the Saints Monday night. This makes Seattle the first team to clinch a playoff spot, but they haven’t clinched the NFC West, yet. They have an opportunity to help their chances if they beat San Francisco this week.

But first, here’s a look back at what I got wrong. I went 11-5, bringing my total record to 117-75.

Lions over Packers

Cowboys over Raiders

Steelers over Ravens X

Panthers over Buccaneers (s.o.)

Jaguars over Browns

Colts over Titans

Bears over Vikings X

Dolphins over Jets

Cardinals over Eagles X

Patriots over Texans

Bills over Falcons X

49ers over Rams

Broncos over Chiefs

Bengals over Chargers

Giants over Redskins

Saints over Seahawks X

Here are my picks for this week. Remember, the s.o. is my shutout pick and the home teams are in bold.

Jaguars over Texans

Ravens over Vikings

Bengals over Colts

Patriots over Browns

Raiders over Jets

Lions over Eagles

Steelers over Dolphins

Buccaneers over Bills

Chiefs over Redskins

Packers over Falcons

Broncos over Titans (s.o.)

Cardinals over Rams

Chargers over Giants

49ers over Seahawks

Saints over Panthers

Bears over Cowboys

Let me know in the comment section below if you disagree or not.  Remember to check out the Facebook page for the Update. Don’t forget to like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and keep on reading. Until then, see you next time sports fans.

One more thing, Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright @ 2007

2 thoughts on “2013 NFL Week 14 Picks

  1. The BeatDown that the Seahawks Put on a Good Saints Team didn’t influence You to Pick them over a 49ers Team that I think is all around Worst then the Saints!! I don’t know,but I think You may have that Pick wrong? The rest look ok & may be what I will pick on our weekly Pool?? I’m on the Seahawks BandWagon & think this will be there Year!! Thanks for taking the Time to Read my Comment & hope that it doesn’t offend You? Good Luck on your Picks!!

    • The 49ers are definitely worse than the Saints this year. However, just call it a hunch. Despite the Seahawks looking tremendous this year, this could be their “trap game” this year.

      By the way, I take no offense from your comment. I appreciate your honest opinion and also wish you well in your pool. Good luck!

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