FOX Sports 1 vs. ESPN: What’s the difference?

August 29, 2013

ESPN has some competition coming from FOX Sports in the form of FOX Sports 1. The new network takes the place of the Speed network, and it’s been met with decent results.

Comparing FOX Sports 1 to ESPN, however, is a bit of a stretch.

The new network launched with “FOX Sports Live,” a show similar to SportsCenter featuring retired players Andy Roddick and Donovan McNabb. Former SportsNation host Charissa Thompson moderates the show. The network also features “Crowd Goes Wild,” with former daytime talk show host Regis Philbin. FOX Sports 1 also airs UFC events and will air The Ultimate Fighter next week.

It all sounds good, until their other stuff airs.

FOX Sports 1 also airs many events from racing, linking them with their former surname the Speed network. Not to mention that few of their commentators for their shows are a little too excited.

How does that compare to ESPN? It’s not even close.

ESPN is the sports entity known on a national level. It’s unfair to compare the two since FOX Sports 1 is brand new. But why don’t we compare them to how ESPN first started?

ESPN didn’t have the luxuries that FOX Sports 1 has, which is bringing in established talent and hosting big events. ESPN grew from nothing, while FOX Sports 1 grew from FOX. ESPN now airs many sporting events including Sunday Night Baseball and Monday Night Football. They also host the NBA and NFL Drafts, but that’s because they grew on their own into the giant corporation they are today.

It’s unfair to compare the two since they are going under completely different paths, despite being in the same business: the sports network business. Time will tell if FOX Sports 1 will succeed, but they got their work cut out for them.

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