Changing of the Guard?

Tuesday May 8, 2012

The American League Eastern Division is usually a three-headed monster dominated by the Yankees, Rays and Red Sox.  It appears a new team could be on the rise, even though it’s only April.










The Baltimore Orioles are ranked with the Rays, Rangers and Dodgers with the best record in baseball (19-10). Even though they lost to the Rangers last night, they’ve brought hope to a struggling franchise.  The Orioles were a joke for the last 15 years.  Now, they might be in contention in the future.

image from the Washington Post






They have a solid lineup from their everyday players.  Outfielders Adam Jones and Nick Markakis have always been on everyone’s radar.  Mark Reyonlds (first and third baseman) is still a threat to take a ball yard.  Catcher Matt Weiters can become one of the next best catchers in baseball today.  Plus, their pitching is showing up to deal.  Pitchers, such as starter Jason Hammel and closer Jim Johnson are proving their worth in baseball.

As much as their hot start is a benefit, beware with caution.  It’s a long season.  The real test will come by June, when most teams are at their highest form.  That’s when teams make their all-out push to dominate their division.  Expect that “three-headed monster” to cause problems for the Orioles.  They won’t give up that division lying down.  If the Orioles falter, it will be business as usual.  If they succeed and continue their run, then the already-rough AL East will prove once again the toughest division in all of baseball today.

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