Baseball: The Athlete’s Version of Chess

Friday April 6, 2012

Baseball has returned!  Wednesday’s contest between the defending champion St. Louis Cardinals and the Miami Marlins opened the 2012 campaign.  Many fans can agree the wait has been too long.  Each year brings promise, and this season is wide open.   But why do fans still clamor for this sport?

Baseball is often known as America’s pastime.  For a century, baseball has experienced its fair share of scandals, strikes and heartbreak.  It’s also seen movements, phenomenal moments, and even triumph over adversity.  What many don’t understand is how many moves go into a game.

Call it the ultimate version of chess.  No player makes a baseball team, ever.  Just ask anyone that’s played a game.  Ask anyone that’s seen a game.  The comparisons to both baseball and chess are interesting.  Certain players can’t move to play anywhere; just like certain chess pieces are designated to move a certain way.  Teams have their role players, rookies and superstars filling their respective roles as the knights, bishops and pawns if you will.

It’s why fans can seemingly put themselves as managers when a play goes wrong.  They always say, “I would have had someone else pitch to that guy.”  However, when you ask a chess player after a loss, they have the same response as a manager would.  “I would not have moved that way.”  In other words, baseball and chess are more alike in their philosophy than any other sport. If you haven’t played chess but played baseball (or have watched a game), try it.  The same goes for those chess players.  Watch a game, or even play if you can.  See the similarities, and appreciate how America’s pastime is the athlete’s version of chess.

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Sebastian Maldonado

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One thought on “Baseball: The Athlete’s Version of Chess

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