Super Bowl XLVI: Vengeance vs. Vindication

January 28, 2012











After a lockout and an exhilarating season, two remain for the Lombardi Trophy hunt.  In Indianapolis, two teams will battle it out in a rematch of Super Bowl XLII.  That game changed the fate of both of these two NFL teams.

The Patriots were better back then, with a defense just as strong as their offense.  However, they lost 17-14.  And it burns a hole inside that franchise.  It burns inside Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the rest of the Patriots.  Revenge will play a factor in this game, and it could benefit the Patriots to victory.  They were able to shut down the running games of both Denver and Baltimore.  Now, he only way they can reclaim their status as champions is beating the team that started their downfall in the first place.  Can they do it?

The Giants are a better team now than four years ago.  They remember that victory and are rightfully proud of it.  Now, quarterback Eli Manning has a chance to back up his words before the season started. He told the world he belonged in the elite status of quarterbacks.  So far, he’s proven it.  Manning led that offense to significant victories against Atlanta and Green Bay.  Plus, he took a beating and still kept coming in beating San Francisco.  If he wins the Super Bowl, many won’t deny that claim.  But will they win?

Seven players remain from that Patriots team, while 15 remain from that Giants team.  Both sides of the ball will feature intense battles.  Can the resurgent Giants defense stop Tom Brady?  Can the Patriots stop Manning, who is having the best season of his career?  Expect both Belichick and Tom Coughlin to execute their game plans to perfection.  However, revenge can blind as easy as it can motivate.  If the Patriots remain focused, they will win.  But the Giants are the better team.

Prediction: Giants 20-18

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4 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLVI: Vengeance vs. Vindication

  1. Good pick — I also think the Giants will win a close one. They’re going to pass that weak New England secondary to death.

  2. I Love that pick and think that the 31st ranked defense will be shredded by ELI-TE. After all, that defense made Flacco look good and that game was anybody’s if it would have gone to overtime. i believe the score will be 31-13 jints. Let the salsa begin!

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