2012 NFL Conference Championship Game

Thursday January 19, 2012

We went from 32 teams to four.  Who will go to Indianapolis to vie for the Lombardi Trophy?  All four franchises have won before, and each one wants to win the Super Bowl more than ever.  But first, they must pass their rivals in the Championship games.

NFC Championship: The New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers duel it out once more.  The Giants return to San Francisco, where they lost 27-20.  Both teams answered questions last week.  The 49ers offense is capable of gun slinging with the best of them.  The Giants defense can shut down an MVP-caliber quarterback.

The key matchups are on the other side for both teams.  The 49ers could not shut down Drew Brees, and now they face Eli Manning.  The way Manning looked, he seemed unstoppable.  However, he faces a top ranked defense.  Manning probably won’t be as good as he was in Green Bay, but expect the Giants to get the victory.

Prediction: Giants 24-19

AFC Championship: The Baltimore Ravens travel to New England to face the Patriots.  Both teams are hungry for the Lombardi Trophy.  Can Ray Lewis lead this Ravens defense to stop this amazing Tom Brady led Patriots offense?  It might be too much offense for the Ravens to handle.

The key matchup is the Ravens offense against the New England defense.  The Patriots had one of the worst defenses this season.  However, they face a run first offense.  As shown last Saturday, they are capable of stopping the run.  For the Ravens to win, they need to expose the defense and prove they can stand toe-to-toe with Brady.  Otherwise, expect the Patriots going back to the Super Bowl.

Prediction: Patriots 30-16

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