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Friday December 2, 2011

Good afternoon sports fans! The year is drawing to a close, and it has been a very good year for the update. I’ve decided to host a contest. The following post are both my most viewed, most commented and most critically acclaimed posts for the year. I would like you all to vote which post you like the most. Only the top five voted posts will be chosen by me. I will analyze them and reveal my hidden inspirations for each blog. You can vote your top five by email me at, leaving a comment below or on Facebook and Twitter.

2011 NFL Week 10 Picks:

2011 NFL Week 9 Picks:

Triumph Over Tragedy:

I Love You, Dad:

The King Defeated:

SHAQ Attacks…No More:

Mirrors: Sports and Life:

The Captain’s Quest:

Derrick Rose: Overrated or Underrated?

A Difficult Decision:

Super Bowl XLV Preview: A Tale of Two Quarterbacks

3000 in the 21st Century:

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Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

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8 thoughts on “Viewers’ Choice

  1. It was quite a task rereading these TSUs. My rankings are as follows:

    1) Triumph over Tradegy- so well written and a perspective that opened the eyes to many about that painful day

    2)Mirrors- emtionally moving and well written

    3)A Tale of Two Quarterbacks… My own assessment …you projected that Clash of the modern day Titans

    4)A Difficult Decision- He was so missed this season. I think we could have gone all of the way with him 😦

    5) A King Defeated -I love your admonishment of this greedy, fame loving individual-YUCK!

    6)I love you Dad – Hard work, love and perserverance a lesson for all who participate in sports

    7)Captain’s fortunate to be a fan during his Yankee tenure

    8)3000 in the 21st century- Will anyone ever top this?

    9)Derek Rose a different take on him. Almost sorry I thought so negative about him in the past. The dangerous media and how they can taint an individual’s thinking

    10)Shaq attacks no more… This piece was good but hard to compare to the others.

    I really enjoyed these and your 2011 submissions. Let’s see what 2012 brings to sports.

    BTW are you going to address the recent focus on the sex abuse scandals in collegiate sports? I think we have seen only the top of the iceberg!

    • I will address the scandals probably next week. It will be more of a personal opinion and a matter I must handle delicately.

      And thanks for voting, I appreciate it!

  2. I vote for Triumph Over Tragedy followed by A Difficult Decision
    Of course all have been great, but by far these are my favorites!
    Thanks for your update, I look forward to it each week!

  3. I find your work informative, insghtful & thought provoking. I will attempt to do them justice and pick my top five:
    1. I Love You Dad
    2. Triumph Over Tragedy
    3. A Difficuly Decision
    4. Mirrors: Sports And Life
    5. Shaq Attack…..No More
    and honorable mention to Captain’s Quest, 3000 in the 21st Century & SuperBowl Preview/Quaterbacks
    Looking forward to your articles in the future. GREAT WORK!

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