Observations: Yankee Stadium

Sunday July 24, 2011

It’s hard to believe that some sports fans have never been to sporting events. It’s harder that baseball fans have never watched a baseball game in person. That includes both kids and adults. They’ve never experienced the live atmosphere of a baseball game. After some thinking, I decided to record my thoughts on what I saw yesterday.

I was at Yankee Stadium during yesterday’s game between the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics. I sat with my family on the main level (or second level) on the first base side. The A’s won by a score of 4-3, ending an 11-game losing streak against the Yankees. Rich Harden won while A.J. Burnett lost, as A’s closer Andrew Bailey recorded his 11th save. What did I notice during yesterday’s game? Some of these you might know or have guessed. If not, enjoy these observations:

  1. You can never tell certain plays. Some plays appear clear as day, but in reality they are not. One play featured Derek Jeter making an amazing play to throw out A’s right fielder David DeJesus. The game highlights, however, showed DeJesus was clearly safe. This also includes the strike zone. It appeared the home plate umpire was terrible calling strikes balls. In the replay, he just got the strike zone right.
  2. You can appreciate the defensive plays more than on TV. In the first inning, Jeter was robbed of a hit by DeJesus. It was a spectacular catch on the run made by DeJesus. The TV didn’t do him justice. Speaking of defense, 1B Mark Teixeira displayed a fantastic first base. He made diving and leaping plays that kept the game close. Without Teixeira, the game may not have been as close as it was.
  3. The fans were not into this game as one might think. The heat played a huge factor in that. 103 degrees read the thermometer. Pregame exercises were limited due to the excessive heat. Water stations filled the field in almost every section of the stadium and rightfully so.
  4. The stadium itself was amazing. Adding a Yankee museum in the stadium pays tribute to the Yankee legacy. The stadium also provides people not missing a beat thanks to a revamped stadium look. The old stadium featured a hallway to travel out of while listening to the Yankee radio station for the play-by-play. They got rid of the hallways for better views, and it makes the stadium cooler than the last one.
  5. The fans gave respect to former Yankee players, whether retired or still playing. A montage for former Yankee right fielder Paul O’Neill played between the 5th and 6th innings. The fans loved it, cheering on one of their old favorites. They also gave a hand to former left fielder Hideki Matsui, who is now playing for the A’s. Matsui helped the Yankees win their 27th world title and became the Series MVP. Even though he hit a homer against the Yankees yesterday, some fans still cheered for him. This shows that Matsui, in their minds, will always be a Yankee to them.

I would love to make the “observations” a column, meaning I go to an event and write down what happened during the game. If you agree, leave a comment either here or on Facebook. Until then, enjoy your sports.

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyrighted @ 2007


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