2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Tuesday July 12, 2011

The battle for soccer supremacy comes to a close this week. The 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup will begin their semifinal round tomorrow on ESPN (check local listings). Here are the final four teams after this tournament:

Japan Vs. Sweden

France Vs. United States

The winners of these two teams will vie for the championship on Sunday. The teams that lose will play each other in the Third-Place match. Each team’s victory so far has inspired their country to root behind these four teams.

Japan: after emerging from Group B, they pulled off an upset by eliminating home favorite Germany. Japan would love a victory especially after all the recent turmoil in their country. Will Japan win the big one?

Sweden: after emerging from Group C, they defeated Australia in impressive fashion. A World Cup Victory would put Sweden on the map in women’s soccer. Will Sweden be victorious?

France: after emerging from Group A, they defeated England after a dramatic shootout. France would be put back on top with a World Cup victory. Will France become world champions?

United States: after emerging from Group C, they created a miracle. After tying Brazil with extra time, they eliminated Brazil in another dramatic shootout. The United States might need the tile more than anyone. Will they become champions once more?

Watch the World Cup to find out who wins. Good luck to your teams and/or country.

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyrighted @ 2007

4 thoughts on “2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup

  1. For me it’s remenincent of the USA team with Mia Hamm and the showing of the sports bra victory!
    Go girls! Show them the power and stamina of American women!!!
    USA! USA !USA!

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