All-Star Week!!!

Friday July 8, 2011

All-Star Week is upon us. The best of Major League Baseball will vie for bragging rights on who’s the better league and home field advantage for the World Series.  Here is the entire roster up to today. These rosters consist of the players you voted for, reserves and pitchers voted by the players, and replacements for injured All-Stars. You can click on each name to take you to their stats:

American League




National League




  • * Chosen on Player Ballot, on the DL
  • @ Injury replacement
  • # Final Vote winner

The game will air this Tuesday on Fox. This Monday features the 2011 Home Run Derby, which will air on ESPN (check local listings for both games). David Ortiz leads AL all stars Jose Bautista, Robinson Cano and Adrian Gonzalez against the National League squad. Prince Fielder leads the NL consisting of Matt Kemp, Rickie Weeks and Matt Holliday. Both eents will take place at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.  Take care and watch the festivities!

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

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2 thoughts on “All-Star Week!!!

    • It is the most for any team this year. The number of Yankees is actually seven due to P David Robertson being added as a replacement. Check for an updated list of both rosters for the All-Star game.

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