Glory and Anger

Thursday June 16, 2011

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Defenseman Zdeno Chara (left) and the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup last night, ending an exciting seven game series with the Vancouver Canucks 4-3. They shut out the Canucks 4-0 in Vancouver. It is the first Stanley Cup for the Bruins since 1972. Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas deservingly won the Stanley Cup MVP. However, the moment was overshadowed by rowdy fans in Vancouver.

Time for the magic man to take over!

Pure Magic:

Vancouver fans rioted after the loss. Angry and allegedly drunk fans caused property damage. The following report is from QMI (Quebecor Media Inc.):

Between 130 and 140 people were sent to hospital, including three people with stab wounds and two suffering trauma, while a number of others were treated in the courtyard of a downtown hospital for the effects of tear gas.

Most people were treated for tear gas and pepper spray effects, lacerations, facial trauma, substance abuse and head injuries, Alyssa Polinsky, spokeswoman for B.C. Ambulance, told QMI Agency Thursday morning.

There were no fatalities, but one person was in critical condition Thursday at St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver. Polinsky could not confirm if it was the same person witnesses reported seeing jump off a viaduct.

It’s disappointing to see an amazing championship round be upstaged by this. It’s disappointing to see any game of any kind upstaged by acts of violence from fans. It is our responsibility as fans to remember these are only games. We cannot take sports too seriously. The most depressing fact is we will not remember this series for how great it was. We will remember what happened after the last buzzer. It is completely unnecessary!

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Sebastian Maldonado

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2 thoughts on “Glory and Anger

  1. What a shame that a win in sports can lead to violence. We are all animals, but humans are the most civilized and smartest…..episodes like this make me wonder!

  2. My question is WHY? Is violence really necessary to express feelings of disappointment over a defeat in a game? Shame on those fans and their senseless violence. 😦

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