Love Is Streaking!!!

Thursday March 10, 2011

Congratulations To:

Another NBA record was broken last night at the hands of a possible future great power forward. Minnesota Timberwolves’ Kevin Love broke the consecutive games record for double-doubles. Hall-of-famer Moses Malone held that record with 51; Love shattered that record last night. He now has 52 straight games recording a double-double.

A double-double in basketball terms is when a player goes double digits in two categories. The usual way to achieve this feat is by points and rebounds. Some players get their double-double by points and assists. Sometimes, a triple-double is recorded, which means a player reached double digits in three categories. It’s a rare feat, but a double-double is almost seen every night. Malone and Love set their respective records by scoring at least ten points and rebounds per game.

When Malone accomplished this feat, it was rare back then for anyone to get two double-doubles let alone 51. It’s still rare to this day for any player to get a double-double let alone accomplishing this feat. Love is emerging as a great power forward in this new age of the NBA. He has become a force to be reckoned with in the NBA, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Here’s hoping he keeps the streak alive.

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

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4 thoughts on “Love Is Streaking!!!

  1. A bit off topic but … I would like to subscribe to your blog, but I don’t see a “subscribe” button at the top of the page. I must be missing something. Can you help?

  2. check out wilt chamberlain’s double/double record. your uncle Al told me ‘the stilt’ had over 300 consecutive games with a double double.

    • He told me as well. That is an amazing feat that will likely never be duplicated. The record set by Love and Malone is probably set for the “shot-clock” era.

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