Derrick Rose: Overrated or Underrated?

derrick rose, chicago bulls
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The two top dogs in the East are the Celtics and Heat, currently claiming the No.1 and 2 spots respectively. The No. 3 seeded team is the Central Division leading Chicago Bulls. In large part, it’s because of one man: Derrick Rose.

Rose is the Bulls’ point guard and an all-star. He is the most exciting player to play for Chicago since Michael Jordan. He can bring a crowd to a frenzied state with his speed and game play. Yet, some believe he is not worthy of leading a team. Skeptics believe Rose cannot take the Bulls back to the promise land. Yet, it’s time to answer the question: Is Derrick Rose overrated or underrated?

Rose averages 25 points per game and eight assists, almost a double-double every single night. The 6’3″ point guard from Memphis was the first pick in the 2008 draft. Rose has brought electricity to the United Center that is equivalent to the impact made by Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant.

His leadership skills are left on the court. Behind the scenes, his team follows him to victory. He shouldn’t be overrated because he is not on the level of Bryant and Wade. He’s not even above the like of fellow point guards Chris Paul and Deron Williams. Therefore, he’s underrated.

Rose is underrated because he knows how to manage the game. He’s also a closer and can lead the Bulls to greatness again.

This was a man who led the Bulls to a near upset in the playoffs against the Celtics. The Bulls took the Celtics to the brink in a first round seven game series but lost, leaving many calling it the greatest NBA playoff matchup (arguably). Paul and Williams have not done that; they have not taken their opponents to the brink in the playoffs. No disrespect to them, though. They are truly the best point guards of the NBA. Yet, Derrick Rose should be considered in this discussion at the very least. He is not at the level of point guards like Steve Nash and Jason Kidd. He’s not even a future hall-of-famer. Yet, he could be.

The position of the point guard in basketball is to lead on the court. The team starts and ends with the point guard. No case is more accurate than the Chicago Bulls. For them, it starts and ends with Derrick Rose.

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