Where in the world is Carmelo Anthony?

Tuesday February 22, 2011

After months of speculation, the hunt for Carmelo Anthony is over. The winner of the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes is…

The New York Knicks made a three team deal with Denver and Minnesota involving 12 players.

The Knicks also get: G Chauncey Billups, F Shelden Williams, G Anthony Carter, G Corey Brewer and F Renaldo Balkman.

The Nuggets get: F Wilson Chandler, G Raymond Felton, F Danilo Gallinari, C Timofey Mozgov and a 2014 first-round draft pick, plus two second-round picks and cash.

The Timberwolves get: C Eddy Curry and F Anthony Randolph.

Anthony is expected to sign a three-year, $65 million extension with the Knicks. If all players traded report on time and pass physicals, Anthony’s first game with the Knicks will be Wednesday against the Milwaukee Bucks at Madison Square Garden. He and Billups join all star forward/center Amar’e Stoudemire to lead the Knicks into the postseason. What does this mean for the Knicks? Will they win championships? Will they even win this year?

Time for the magic man to take over!

Pure Magic:

The Knicks have a lineup ready to beat anyone, at least on paper. It takes work for a team to gel. Take Miami for example. It took them almost the entire first half of this season to become a formidable force. How long will the Knicks take to gel? It could be longer than anyone could think? Yet, if they gel quickly, then the sky’s the limit.

The Knicks suddenly became a contender and legitimate threat in the East. They are capable of pulling off playoff upsets and going to the NBA Finals. It would be the first NBA Finals appearance since 1999 against the San Antonio Spurs. However, it is unlikely the Knicks will make it this year. Boston is determined and built in every way possible to be the Eastern Conference’s representative in this year’s finals. Miami and Chicago can also make a run. Even Atlanta and Orlando can make claim to that spot.

Make no mistake, the future in New York just got brighter. The lights in Madison Square Garden, the cathedral of sports, are lit up a bit more than usual. Fans have never been this excited since the days of Patrick Ewing. The Knicks will be a threat down the line. Will they win an NBA Championship? Only time will tell…

Poll Question: Do you think the Knicks are built now to win, or do they need one more piece in the puzzle? Let me know by leaving a comment below on WordPress.com or Facebook.com. Take care, knuckleheads!

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyrighted @ 2007


6 thoughts on “Where in the world is Carmelo Anthony?

  1. No, not built to win it all this year. As promising (but uneven) as Amar’e, Danilo, Raymond, et al were, they still hadn’t formed — after 4 months — a consistent, defense-minded, “hit the open man” team that, let’s say, the ’73 Knicks had. As you point out, the Heat has just recently started firing on all cylinders. I doubt our new and improved Knicks can do it in 2 months. But next year? Stay tuned…

  2. It would be nice for basketball to come back to NY. Nothing like the’70s. I look forward to seeing another championship for NYK…but I don’t believe this will be the year. Maybe 2013???? Maybe we need PJ to get a championship!

  3. The Knicks are built to get into the playoffs this yr but not too far. No defensive stopper in the middle will hurt them. However, if Camby is let loose that would be another homecoming for the metro area. At worst it’ll be Earl Barron who impressed at the end of last season on a 10 day contract!

  4. Congratualtions, NY Knicks! It has been a long haul trying to rebuild one of the greatest teams in basketball history. New Yorkers do have cause to celebrate! Can Mello, Amar’e and Chauncey be the DeBusschere, Bradely and Fraizer from the glory days? For Kinick fans “I HOPE SO!”

  5. i was at MSG for Melo’s debut. The team was poor in its perimeter defense and weak in rebounding. They won because the Bucks were the opposition. This team will lose in the first round. If they get Camby they can go further but no finals until Chris Paul joins them after next season.

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