D-Day in the Big D: Super Bowl XLV

Saturday February 5, 2010

Super Bowl XLV is upon us! Tomorrow in Dallas, Texas, marks the biggest event in football. This game will show who wants it more and who deserves it more. Which team will covet the Lombardi Trophy? First, let’s take a look back at how these two teams got into Dallas.

The Green Bay Packers were expected to win the NFC North. They fell behind because they lost too many games early in the season and their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, suffering two concussions. Yet, they got hot as the season drew to a close. They sealed that last spot in the Wild Card and haven’t looked back. The Packers defeated Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago on all three home stadiums. They have become this year’s “road warriors”. For Green Bay to win, they must keep the ball on the offensive side. Their defense must stop Pittsburgh’s running game and make Roethlisberger turn over the ball. If they can accomplish this, the trophy goes back to the Pack.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were counted out at the beginning of the season. Aging veterans and suspended Ben Roethlisberger were the causes of doubt. Yet, Pittsburgh showed signs of life. They won three of the four games without Roethlisberger and clinched a first round bye in the postseason. They struggled in the playoffs though, nearly losing to Baltimore and surviving a potential comeback from the Jets. Plus, they are without their center, Maurikce Pouncey, who is a big contributor to their running game. For Pittsburgh to win, they need to establish the running game. On the defensive side, they need their veterans to get to Rodgers. If they can accomplish this, the trophy goes back to Steelers Country.

This is the toughest game in recent memory. It’s about the unstoppable force in Green Bay against the immovable object in Pittsburgh. Who wins this epic battle?

Prediction: Pittsburgh 24-23

Good luck to both teams and fans, and good luck with your Super Bowl pick. Hopefully this game will be an instant classic.

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyrighted @ 2007

3 thoughts on “D-Day in the Big D: Super Bowl XLV

  1. Go Steelers! I am partial to them because of Franco Harris & Terry Bradshaw…a great dynasty but not as beloved as my Giants. Maybe next year, GO GIANTS 2012!!!!!!!

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