Saturday August 2, 2008

Welcome back to an exciting edition of Today’s Sports Update. I’m Sebastian Maldonado bringing you all of the latest news in sports. Let’s get to it.

Will the real World Series contenders please stand up? They just might after the last few days of trades. Here are the new faces with their new teams:

1B Mark Teixeira:

C Ivan Rodriguez:

LF Jason Bay:

CF Ken Griffey Jr.:

LF Manny Ramirez:

They were traded to help their new teams’ needs (with the exception of Boston getting rid of Manny). Teixeira provides protection for the trio of outfielders Guerrero, Hunter, and Anderson. Rodriguez brings the Yankees more offense and defense behind the plate. Griffey is another bat that should be feared in Chicago. Ramirez brings his offensive fury to a Dodger team that cannot score runs. Ramirez also revealed in a press conference that he started out as a Dodger fan. This could mean that he will give it all that he’s got for the remainder of the season. Will any of these teams rise up with their new acquisitions?

The Brett Favre case is turning out to be interesting. It seems that a marketing deal could convince him to stay retired. Favre would get $20 million in merchandising deals, and it would allow him to stay retired. No word yet on Brett’s word, but what a contract proposal (I mean “way”) to go out! In other news, two high profile wide receivers are injured. Bengals WR Chad Johnson and Giants WR Plaxico Burress have injured ankles.

In seven days, UFC 87 will be headlined by the Welterweight Title bout. The champion, George “Rush” St. Pierre, will take on a difficult fighter in Jon Fitch. This match should be a candidate for match of the year. Check out for more information of this upcoming pay-per-view. In other news, James “The Sandman” Irvin tested positive for methadone and oxymorphone. Methadone is a synthetic opioid usually used in treatment of dependence for drugs such as heroin, though it can also be prescribed as a painkiller. Oxymorphone is a semi-synthetic painkiller often used for the relief of moderate to severe pain. The tests were conducted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Irvin has twenty days to request a hearing. Otherwise, he will face a suspension of likely six to twelve months plus a $20,000 fine.

Is there a cloud of doubt surrounding the 2008 Olympics? It seems that there is nothing to talk about with five days away from the events to begin. Let’s recap:

  1. Protests have been around Beijing since the announcement. Plus, countries have been pulling out of the event for various reasons, such as Iran.
  2. The steroid scandal is still a strong issue within the games. The United States have been caught with past users, so suspicion is potent within our country.

What is going on with our Olympics? Can’t we just enjoy the events without controversy? I guess not.

Time for the issues to be heard in:

The Athlete’s Court:

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy received a 15 month sentence in prison. Donaghy initially received $2,000 per correct pick, but his calls were so accurate that bookies increased his take to $5,000. In total, Donaghy allegedly received $30,000 to pass inside information to the bookies. Donaghy specifically admitted to passing information about two games during the 2006-07 season.

Time for the magic man to take over!

Pure Magic:

The NBA’s athletes are defecting to Europe. Is it a sign of the future, or should it be a concern among the front office? The latter should be more realistic. There’s a reason that the NBA stands for the “National Basketball Association”. They have already lost former Hawks G Josh Childress and former Nets F Bostjan Nachbar to overseas. Nets F Nenad Kristic signed with Russia for two years as well. Rumors have circulated that Chicago G Ben Gordon could be next. Why are people signing to play in Europe? It’s simple: more money. European leagues are offering these guys more money to play for them than the NBA. The men aren’t just the only ones defecting. The WNBA and the United States suffered a big loss when G Becky Hammon signed with Russia. She signed because the US Women’s Olympic team snubbed her. Huh? She’s supposed to be the “Steve Nash” of the WNBA. That move did not make sense whatsoever. Now, Hammon will probably play for Russia in the Olympics. Oh yes, this is a problem indeed. I warned that basketball, specifically the NBA, was in danger a while back. Yet, even I did not predict that Europe could be the cause of their downfall.

Congratulations To:

  1. Hall of Fame hockey coach Scotty Bowman joins the Chicago Blackhawks as a senior advisor for hockey operations. His son, Stan, is an assistant General Manager (GM) for the team.

Final Thoughts:

Last week, I offered a contest to give the readers their versions of the “dream team”. This could be for any team and any year. Yet, it seems that no one has decided to take me up on my offer. I’ll give you another example of another version of the “dream team”, but in baseball’s terms: the New York Yankees of 1998. How is this team a dream team? Well, it’s a dream team because of one man’s mission. At the time, new Yankee GM Brian Cashman had a vision to get the Yankees back on top of MLB. HE got role players, such as 3B Scott Brosius, DH Chili Davis, SP Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez, and 2B Chuck Knoblauch. This team was not the vision of the Yankee fans, but Brian’s vision was to buy low to go high. Boy did it pay off or what! That team became the team with the most victories in baseball history: 114-48 in the regular season. The Yankees won the World Series in a sweep of the San Diego Padres. CF Bernie Williams won the AL batting title, and Joe Torre became the AL manager of the year. In other words, you don’t have to have all of the all-stars on your teams. You just need a vision for your mission.

Until then, take care you KNUCKLEHEADS!!!

Yours truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright © 2007 by Sebastian Maldonado


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