Mr. 601

Wednesday January 12, 2010

Congratulations To:

After 18 seasons, Trevor Hoffman has decided to hang up the cleats once and for all. He announced his retirement yesterday and leaves the game of baseball leading all pitchers with 601 saves. Hoffman recorded two save with the Marlins then was traded to San Diego. He became the face of the Padres until they let him go three years ago. He finished his career in Milwaukee recording his 600th and 601st saves. Hoffman is a sure hall-of-famer, but where does he stand against the greats? Is Trevor Hoffman the greatest closer of all time?

Time for the magic man to take over!

Pure Magic:

Trevor Hoffman etched his name in the record books last year. He earned his spot amongst the greats in Cooperstown. His name will stand side by side with the greatest relievers to ever play the game, such as Goose Gossage. With 601 saves, is he the greatest closer of all time?

Well, the question is unfair. Let’s compare him to guys who had to save games with three innings left in the game. Let’s compare him to players who’ve won a World Series, which has eluded Hoffman in his career. The only World Series appearance he made was during the 1998 World Series against the Yankees. It’s unfair to judge Hoffman and others to compare them and their stats with these stipulations in mind. Even the argument against him and Mariano Rivera is complicated because the stats are too close to call. Yet, Hoffman could care less where he stands. He’s done with baseball and remains as humble as ever.

It was an honor for Trevor Hoffman to come out during AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells” to close out the game and record a save. The honor was ours watching one of the greats pitch.

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyrighted @ 2007


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