Wednesday September 8, 2010

Welcome back sports fans, it’s that time again. It’s time to submit my picks for all to see.

Tomorrow, it begins again. Tomorrow, it returns. TOMORROW, football begins a new season. What will this season have in store for us? Which team will emerge in February as the Super Bowl Champions? Let’s begin with the reigning and defending champions of the world, the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints open up their season at home against the team they beat to advance last year: the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have their 39-yr.-old QB Brett Favre returning for one more season. Their main concern is getting receivers for Favre to throw to. It doesn’t seem a big problem as Favre’s age or RB Adrian Peterson’s fumbling, but that remains to be seen. The Saints’ side consists their offensive onslaught returning and led once more by QB Drew Brees. Their defense is still a concern but can still bring the heat to quarterbacks. Since this game opens at the Superdome, that 12th man will be in effect. The last thing the Saints want is to drop their first game of the season, especially at home.

Pick: Saints

Take a look at the little chart below.



Minnesota at New Orleans 8:30 PM



This is what my picks will look like until the season ends. You can click on a team to find out more about them through This is for those that might not be informed about certain teams. Plus, it will show updated news at the top of the hour. Enjoy the season, and good luck to your teams.

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyrighted @ 2007


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