MLB All-Star Wrap-up

Wednesday July 14, 2010

The All-Star week was an absolute blast. The energy in that game was upbeat, and history was made once again.

We start with Monday’s Home Run Derby. Brewers OF Corey Hart opened the contest with an impressive display, hitting 13 home runs in the first round. Tigers 1B Miguel Cabrera showed why he is a home run threat. The final round came down to a classic case of the student vs. the mentor. Playing the role of student was Marlins SS Hanley Ramirez. Playing the role of mentor was Red Sox DH David Ortiz. Ortiz mentored Ramirez while Hanley was in the Red Sox minor league system. Ortiz won the derby 13-5. All combatants put on an impressive display for the fans in Anaheim and the fans around the world. Yet, the game was an incredible display of a different kind.

It truly is the year of the pitcher. The American League boasted a powerful lineup amongst their starters. Two of their starters led the league in batting average. Last year’s AL MVP Joe Mauer batted 7th. Yet, they could not produce against the National League’s pitching. They allowed one run and brought the heat. Rockies pitcher and NL starter Ubaldo Jimenez clocked at 100mph last night. It was Washington Nationals pitcher Matt Capps who got the victory against Yankees starter and Anaheim’s own Phil Hughes. Dodgers P Jonathan Broxton recorded the save for the National League 3-1. It’s the first victory for the National League in the All-Star game’s history since 1996. Braves C Brian McCann drove in the winning two runs in the seventh with an RBI double. He became the first Braves player to win the All-Star MVP since 1994. That honor in that year went to 1B Fred McGriff.

What does this mean for the second half? It means the NL finally has home field advantage since the All-Star game elected that ruling. It means the American League has a huge mountain to climb come October. It also means the National League teams, who have amazing pitching, could win the World Series. Yet, it could also backfire. Home field advantage does not make the World Series a guarantee. As of now, the two best teams of baseball are in the American League East let alone the American League. The New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays have that honor, respectively. Even if home field advantage is taken, it’s still a mountain to climb when they take on the American League’s best.

Well, that’s it for today. See you next time you KNUCKLEHEADS!!!

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright @ 2007


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