Sunday February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope your valentine’s is great, especially since you have the NBA All-Star Game at 8PM EST. We also have news in other sports, too.  Will Johnny Damon play this season? Are the Winter Olympics off to a good start? Let’s begin with the football off-season.

The Saints are the Super Bowl Champions! This past week featured many great stories such as Drew Brees’ charity work, New Orleans partying before Mardi gras, and speculation on how the Saints will get better. Many notable players are and/or could potentially become free agents. The Giants released LB Antonio Pierce, and the Chargers could part ways with RB LaDanian Tomlinson. Plus, the NFL Draft is nearly two months away. Who will St. Louis select with the 1st draft pick overall?

The Winter Olympics are off, and it gets more competitive each day. Despite murky conditions, these athletes showed up to play. The United States leads all countries with 5 medals in three days. Eleven countries are tied with 1 medal each. Speed Skating and skiing were some of the competitions already underway. Expect more excitement in Vancouver. Let’s also say a prayer for the family of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili. The 21-year-old luger died in a crash while practicing just hours before the opening ceremony. His fellow athletes stayed behind in order to play in honor for their country and their fallen teammate.

Johnny Damon wanted the money; he might have to settle for a one year deal. The Braves and Tigers have offered Damon 1-yr. deals as the All-Star Outfielder is considering them. Don’t expect the Yankees to sign him unless they unload an outfielder. Don’t expect that to happen either. Giants P and NL Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum got his nice contract on the other hand. He has agreed to a 2-yr. $23 million deal with San Francisco. Lincecum gets a $2 million signing bonus, $8 million this year and $13 million in 2011. He also could earn performance and award bonuses. The agreement is subject to a physical.

Despite Dallas hosting All-Star Week in the Cowboys’ new stadium, the Mavericks have made an interesting deal. They traded longtime Maverick and SF Josh Howard to the Washington Wizards for SF Caron Butler. Maverick Drew Gooden and Wizard Brendan Haywood were also part of this seven-player deal. It’s significant since Dallas is in the toughest division in the NBA. Will this deal make them better or worse?

Time for the issues to be heard in: The Athlete’s Court!

  1. Central Florida (UCF) has been put on 2 years probation for recruiting violations. Two former UCF employees placed about 200 non-permissible phone calls and about 100 non-permissible text messages from June 2007 to January 2009 to 27 recruits and their parents. The staffers’ names were not publically released.

Time for the magic man to take over!

Pure Magic:

The NBA All-Star Game will be held tonight. It’s for good fun and a great display of athletic ability and showmanship. However, you never know who will become the MVP. That is the ultimate prediction! Some guys are playing hurt, such as Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls (back spasms). Some are sitting out because they are hurt (Kobe Bryant) or taking some personal time (Allen Iverson). Others are looking forward to let loose, so expect the fireworks to go off pretty quickly. I believe the Western Conference will win this one. My pick this year for the All-Star MVP is (drums please) Kevin Durant. I think this is Durant’s time to shine in a game filled with LeBrons and Wades and Howards. Anyone can win the All-Star MVP, but don’t be surprised if Durant comes to play.

Congratulations To:

  1. Nate Robinson has made history again. The little man became the first player to win three Slam Dunk Championships. Not even Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins can claim that accomplishment. Robinson edged out Demar Derozen by getting 51 percent of the vote from the fans. Robinson said this was the last one for him and what a way to go out.

Final Thoughts:

The Big Hurt has officially called it quits; first baseman and designated hitter Frank Thomas announced his retirement on Friday. It’s not surprising since Thomas did not play all last season. Thomas leaves the game with 521 homers and a World Series ring with the Chicago White Sox. He also played in Oakland and Toronto in his last two years, but many will remember him as a White Sox. It’s where he won his back-to-back AL MVPs in 1993 and 94. Thomas was a face of baseball during the 1990s. He had respect for the game and showed it towards players and fans alike. Thomas was one of my favorite players during that era. I wish him nothing but the best, and hopefully, a trip to Cooperstown is in his future.

Well, that’s all the time I have for today. If you disagree with anything I say, leave a comment below (either on WordPress or Facebook) or email me at You can also contact me via LinkedIn ( Thanks for reading and good luck with your teams.

Yours Truly,

Sebastian Maldonado

Copyright @ 2007


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