Thursday December 24, 2009

Hey there sports fans; welcome to another quick update for the holidays. We have a football game and three basketball games tomorrow on Christmas Day, so it’s time for predictions.

At 8PM EST, the San Diego Chargers take on the Tennessee Titans. The Titans are fighting for a playoff spot after an overtime victory over the Dolphins. The Chargers are coming off their 9th straight victory this year in nail-biting fashion against the Bengals. Both teams have momentum, but the Chargers just look too good for anyone to stop. My pick is San Diego, but don’t be surprised if Tennessee pulls off a Christmas miracle.

The first of three basketball games start at 12:30 EST (some markets might not carry the first game). The New York Knicks have been everyone’s joke for the past few years. Laugh now, because they have a real shot at making the playoffs. They take on the Miami Heat, who are trying to keep their prized star Dwyane Wade after this season. Wade is on the Knicks’ eye, and it would be important to win this game. Unfortunately, expect Wade to bury them at the last second.

The second game is the first of two big NBA games on ABC (check local listings). We start with a rematch of last year’s playoff semifinal round, as the Boston Celtics take on the Orlando Magic. The Celtics will be without Paul Pierce for at least 2 weeks with a sprained knee. The Magic got Jameer Nelson back last night and should be palying this game. The Magic should take this one in a good Christmas game.

The last NBA game features another Shaq-Kobe battle, with LeBron James entering the fray. The Cavaliers and the Lakers are two teams that many people have in their NBA Finals prediction. Both are evenly matched, but the Lakers have more experience as a team. However, the Cavaliers can pull off an upset in L.A. Expect the Cavs to win and possibly in overtime.

Well, that’s it for today. Stay tuned for the rest of my NFL picks this Saturday. Also stay tuned as we go back to the original format of the update. You don’t want to miss this. See you Saturday, and Happy Holidays to all.

Yours Truly,
Sebastian Maldonado


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