Friday October 22, 2004

Hey sports fans; this is Sebastian Maldonado, and welcome to this special occasion of a true baseball player.  He exemplifies the true meaning of this phrase: loved by many, hated by few, respected by all.

Bernie Williams is arguably the most underrated Yankee on this team of All-Stars.  He has fought through countless injuries (too many to mention) in his career.  Yet, he carries on the battle just to be champion again.  Now, he has ascended into being a living icon &, possibly, a living legend.  In this season, Bernie joined the likes of Don Mattingly, Yogi, and others in the 2000 hit category as a Yankee.  He also clinched the American League East Title with a walk-off home run.  And in the Yankee’s loss to “Beantown,” he literally wrote his name in postseason history.  Bernie Williams was the only guy that came through in all 7 games of this series.  He now leads the postseason in all-time home runs, extra base hits, and RBIs. He passed the great baseball players that held that record, which were George Brett and Pete Rose.  Is he something or what!

Congratulations Bernie, you’ve earned this; what you have done this season will make people talk about you forever.  You will be compared to all the great Yankee outfielders before you; from the Babe and the Iron Horse to the M&M boys and Mr. October, you will join that list.  Hell, when you retire, you should be in Monument Park, where all Yankee greats lie.  But the greatest way for me to honor you was to wear your number in my last year playing baseball.  That’s every baseball player’s dream in New York: to wear you number.  They don’t want #s 2, 13, 11, 55, not even 7 or 3.  They want to wear #51. Why? Because everyone respects you, and I’m not just saying Yankee fans.  Even people that HATE & DESPISE the Bronx Bombers say they can’t hate you; they also respect you.  You are the heart and soul of that team.  You have become not just another center fielder in New York; you have become THE center fielder in New York.  And for that, I thank you.

Please reply back for those that read this e-mail.  I hope you guys agree with me, and see you soon.


Sebastian Maldonado

P.S. “Now batting, the center fielder, #51, Bernie Williams, #51!”  Thank you, Bernie.

Copyright © 2007 by Sebastian Maldonado


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